Modern 24/7 and Me

(I am so gross in this pic because my hubs and I had walked for miles and it was a tad humid - please excuse the mess I am)

During my brief stay in New Orleans, the one thing I knew I had to squeeze in between my BFFs wedding and beignets was meeting Elizabeth from Modern 24/7.

I cannot remember the first time that Elizabeth and I contacted one another but it seems as though it was forever and a day ago and meeting her was beyond what I thought it would be. She is bubbly, fun, sweet, and feels like someone I might need to talk on the phone to 3 times a day.

She was kind enough to teach me several things during our visit too:

1. NOLA is the smallest BIG city

2. Must see - The Jean Lafitte Blacksmith Bar - run only by candlelight

3. Everyone in NOLA wants to be a vampire

4. Prison Shots - please inquire for more details

Last but nowhere close to Least:

5. That she has beyond dreamy taste as you can see in her incredible store below!

Smokey the pretty model kitty from yesterdays post was also hers.
She decided after Katrina that she wanted to live in E's beautiful store, and who can blame her. Maybe next time I visit, I can crash here too.

The DREAMY chandelier that I really wanted to take home with me. Shell and rock crystal might be just what I need over my dining room table. Ugh, I am still thinking about it.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

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