Shabby Apple Giveaway

I was so excited when I found out that Shabby Apple wanted to team up and offer my readers the chance to win one of their many beautiful pieces.

When asked to select an item from their women's dresses or women's skirts, most of them vintage inspired, I jumped at the chance to offer you guys the Francine skirt in Black.

How freaking cute is that?

Now to enter all you have to do is:

1. Head on over to the Shabby Apple website and tell me which on of their hundreds of items you love the most.

2. For another entry, "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook.

That's it!

The giveaway will end next Thursday night at midnight and the winner will be announced on Friday June 3rd.

Don't fret if you cannot wait or do not win though. Shabby Apple has been nice enough to offer all of my readers a 10% discount just by entering the coupon code:


Good Luck!


Your Name is Mud

But I love you anyway.

The Lightbulb Just Went On

I think my readers are pretty smart, but now is your chance to prove it!

Lamps Plus is looking to rename their blog and revamp their style and they need your help!

The best part is not only will you get the bragging rights, but you can also win a $250 online shopping spree.

Their are multiple ways to enter:

1. As a comment on their blog

2. As a comment on their Facebook page

3. As a tweet using the hashtag #namethatblog

4. By email

So make me proud people!

The contest ends May 31st.


Rebecca June


Coveting J. Crew

Every season J. Crew figures out how to suck me back into their stores and make me dream of their clothes. Not to mention their jewelry, shoes, and purses.

Here are the latest items I have been coveting:

How many sequin skirts does one girl need?
Apparently one more.

Silk stripes...yes please.

Dinners out and evening strolls require this to be in my closet.

Metallic jacket adorned with beads, rhinestones and metallic thread has to be mine.

Do I even need to explain this one?

All Pictures via J. Crew


For Like Ever.

I have wanted one of these posters for like ever, and now that it is offered in other colors, it may be time to splurge.

All Pictures via Super Rural


Sprinkle Bakes

Hello> My name is Rebecca and I am domestically challenged.

However, I tend to enjoy all kitchen items, the idea of a lovely cocktail party held at my home, and trolling food blogs.

The other day I stumbled upon Sprinkle Bakes and I just stopped and dreamed of all the new kitchen items I could buy and the parties I could throw where I served these beautiful desserts. It will more than likely never happen, but a girl can dream.

Just look at these pictures...

All Pictures via Sprinkle Bakes


Sailor Stripes

Outfit post #2 already.

Well, another round of drinks with a girlfriend another outfit worthy of posting about.

Picture via Rebecca June

Top - J. Crew
Wedges - Marc by Marc Jacobs - OLD and in black
Bracelets - J. Crew - no longer available
Watch - J. Crew


J. Crew'd out

Let me first say, that I have no idea how the fashion bloggers take such cute pictures of themselves. This was my best shot.

Anyways, I got ready for a 'girl date' the other night and before I walked out the door I realized I was in head to toe J. Crew...except for my shoes.

Pictue via Rebecca June

Button Down - J. Crew
Skirt - J. Crew
Watch - J. Crew
Bracelets - J. Crew (no longer available)
Unseen Necklace - J. Crew (no longer available)
Wedges - Lauren by Ralph Lauren

My absolute favorite wedges ever. I should have bought two pairs.


New Flooring = Heaven

Well, I was hoping to reveal this once my rug came in, but when it arrived, I hated it. I could not wait any longer and now I am in search of a rug for my living room. This is where you come in.

Without further ado...

My new wood floors!

In this picture you can also see that I re-did my fireplace with calacata marble. LOVE. It is so much better than the hideous pinky-peachy porcelain junk with thick grout lines that was there before.

I also re-did my baseboards and had my painter re-gloss my front door black.

It is better than I ever imagined.

My new, high, and super clean baseboards.

Who knew they would make me as excited as my floors?

All Above Pictures by Rebecca June

Anyways, I need a rug. My little Dorothy Mantooth is concerned every time she jumps down off the sofa, so we need to correct this immediately. Since this did not work, I am looking for new options.

I found some at West Elm, but what are your thoughts?

I was so bummed, I think this would be comfy, but they are sold out in the size I need.

Any thoughts on this?

Then I thought this would allow my walls and big, gorgeous painting to pop. Or is it boring?

Previous 3 Pictures via West Elm

Of course, what I would love would be this Missoni beauty.

Oh well, a girl can dream.

Lonny Travels

So, while several things in the new issue of Lonny made me happy, the biggest one was their travel section.

I am headed to New Orleans for a friends wedding in October and I am happy that I will have this with me.

All Pictures and Text via Lonny


Jewelry to Room - Guest Post by Design Shuffle

For the most part, jewelry inspired interior design has come in the form of colors, hues and finishes.  But more designers are using actual jewelry, jewels and accessories to inspire their interior design ideas.  Popular jewelry display ideas include a chandelier that would be gorgeous as earrings and chairs that are reminiscent of a pearl necklace.   

Oh My Gosh (via)

In this room’s dining room design are a set of gorgeous dining room chairs and a beautiful chandelier, both of which are accented with a soft pastel color palette. The pearlescent finish on the chairs is gorgeous and the chandelier is pretty enough to wear as earrings.

Decorpad (via)

This dining room is also beautiful, having been inspired by Lucite and metallic jewelry.

Nambah (via)

This simplicity of this Italian dining room is accented by a group of glittering chandeliers with cascading crystals.

Dallas Decorum (via)

The mother-of-pearl in this wall covering by Maya Romanoff glitters like a beautiful gold necklace. Two champagne-colored silk lamps flanking the bed hang like a pair of expensive earrings.

My Yellow Umbrella (via)

Capiz chandeliers are a great way to bring a little jewelry inspiration into your home. This one hangs like a beautiful necklace with translucent, light-reflecting pieces of capiz shell.

Apartment Therapy (via)

More and more designers are incorporating jewelry displays into their designs. This idea was actually inspired by a curtain wall. Take some of your cheaper, costume jewelry and hang them from hooks on a pole attached to a wall. It’s a beautiful and eclectic way to display your jewelry, but unless you’re really tall, save the jewelry you don’t ever wear for a project like this.

Reflection Agency (via)

Here’s an easier way to incorporate jewelry into your bedroom design: display your everyday baubles in vintage frames. Interiors that incorporate jewelry do so in such creative ways. This post comes courtesy of Design Shuffle, where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world – from New York interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle.


Remember when I introduced you to this website?

Well there were many items that I could not stop thinking about, so I finally decided I would try my hand at re-creating one of the beautiful pieces. I thought starting small, I would go for a bracelet.

At $610, this baby better be amazing, but I figure for under $10 it would be worth attempting to make.
Picture via Les Gazelles

All you need:

* Pearls

* Natural leather cord

* Scissors

* Your bare hands

Basically I made this bracelet with trial and error.

1. I doubled (to create the loop for the clasp) an extra long piece of the leather cording (so I could allow for room to make the knots).

2. Made knots and slid pearls onto the cording at my desired locations.

3. Knotted the pearls onto the ends at the desired length so they could act as the fasteners.


Bottom two pictures via Rebecca June

Pretty close for a fraction of the price!


Happy Mother's Day

To the woman who has given me my style and grace,
I would not be me without you.


Rebecca June


The Met Gala 2011

I figure why bother with the ugly dresses since there are always twice as many as the attractive ones.

Dianna Agron

I have not loved anything that Dianna has worn,but I think she knocked it out of the park in this Michael Kors number. The dress, her hair, and that cuff are simply stunning.

Eva Mendes

The royal blue Stella McCartney number channeled the seventies insucha chic way with the long dress and thick, gold belt.

Claire Danes

Claire has been hitting it out of thepark lately, and this Calvin Klein number keeps her on the top of my list. A clean, classic gold column dress is perfection.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Any designers dream, Gwyneth is staying on her role of body hugging, shimmering gowns with Stella McCartneys dazzling dress.

Who were your favorites?


Let's Go Ride a Bike

My husband has become a bike fanatic and I myself would love a nike to cruise around on, but everything I want is always more than I care to spend.

Take the beautiful new Kate Spade bike.

$1100...I would rather have a sweet purse.

however I can build my own bike to my taste for $400. I may have to do this.

Created by Rebecca June