I'm a Barbie Girl

How did I not know about this?

I used to collect Barbie dolls...the nice ones. I still love them.

I think I may, or my future (very future), daughter may need to.



No Surprise, She is Stunning

So I had to feature my favorite BFF/Blogger (notice BFF was first? Why Nicole likes me I have no idea) who just had the most gorgeous layout in Rue.

Just to remind you...

Nicole has amazing taste and disregard whatever she says about me helping her in any way. Just like any other designer, it is easy to tell a client what to do, but when it comes to your own home you need a sounding board. I merely listened.

Beautiful home, beautiful family Nicole!


Rebecca June


You're Choking Me

So I pulled this picture from Lonny because I love jewelry (as you can see) and of course the zebra wallpaper.

Then I saw this picture and had fallen in love with the Haute Hippie Snake Choker, not realizing that I already had seen it before in said Lonny picture.

Picture via TooMuchRockandRoll

The best part of it all though...my fabulous mother bought it and let me be the first one to wear it.


Light Bright

Picture via Delight by Design

I didn't know why I loved this outdoor room so much until I realized that there is a wall of mirrors!

Love it.


Regular Ring Rotation

So, I thought I would give everyone a peek into jut a few of the rings I have that I wear on a daily basis. I swear.

Here we go:

From left to right:

Bow ring found at flea market, Charles Albert rock quartz ring, Top Shop ring purchased in London in 2009

From left to right:

Rachel Zoe for QVC, Charles Albert skull rock quartz ring, stone ring that I was given by my fabulous mother

From left to right:

Noir owl ring, Noir turquoise ring, another amazing ring given to me by my mother

Also, just so you can get an idea of size...

BUT, I have really long fingers...

I can handle it.

I guess you can figure out where all of my money goes.


The Bigger, the Better

I am all for BIG jewelry. In fact, the bigger the better.

Rings are a personal favorite because I have very LONG fingers and my hands can handle it.

I might have to see this one in person, but I am currently in love.


A Library in my Dining Room

I have been thinking about taking the painting down in my Dining Room and replacing it with shelving for books.

Here is the thing, I love the painting, BUT I need more room for books! I have so many and I always want more. It's an addiction.

I want to do the ledges below from Pottery Barn and I am going to face the books out so I can see all of the beautiful covers.

If all else fails, I can turn it into a wall of alcohol.

What do you guys think?


Homes Needed

See this adorable little guy...

He and a few of his friends need homes.

I have three of these Jonathan Adler beauties and one of them could be yours for $40.

Any interest? Spread the word!


I Can't Cook..

but I LOVE a pot rack.
(especially if it is filled with copper pots!)

Picture via House Beautiful

Picture via Atlantis Home

Bottom 3 Pictures via So Haute


Texas Bound

Picture via This is Glamorous

I am off to Texas for a long weekend.

Family, friends and fun will be had and I cannot wait.

Being born and raised in Texas for a good 10 years, I can tell you the thing I am looking most forward to is HOT and SPICY salsa.

I crave it. I miss it. I love it.


Rebecca June


Lucky Spot

Beyond Amazing.

Stella McCartney was inspired to create this horse sculpture out of over 8,000 Swarovski crystals in 2004. The name 'Lucky Spot' is after a horse her mother Linda had owned. The sculpture had been on loan to the Belsay Castle, the place that inspired her, until recently when she had it shipped to Las Vegas for her US flagship store.

Let me tell you, if I didn't have a reason to go to Vegas, I do now.

I NEED to see this in person.


Thump, Thump

Picture via Delight by Design

My heart pounded when I saw this picture.

It makes me feel warm all over.

I just love the cool color of the chairs mixed with the warmth of those yummy leather and nailhead ottomans.

How about you?


A Bit of a Quandary

As I am sure many of you have experienced, I constantly face the problem of staying satisfied in my own home.

Being exposed to all of the latest and greatest - fabrics, furniture, and amazing accessories - leads me to want to always change my house.

Last night I seemed to hit my breaking point and I removed the pillows from my chairs and the art from my walls and am living in a barren home. It feels naked and I hate it, but hopefully absence will make the heart grow fonder, and I will soon be selecting amazing new fabric and art to adorn my humble abode.

Any suggestions?


Real Housewives, Real Earrings

Well, I often wonder where things come from that I see on tv and love.

For instance, Angelina's emerald earrings from the 2009 Oscars.

BEYOND gorgeous.

Then when I started watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I noticed Kyle Richards had similar ones.

While I assumed Angelina's were borrowed and probably beyond expensive, I wondered what Kyle's were.

How happy was I when she tweeted the world and said they were Jennifer Miller Jewelry!

Just as gorgeous, and surprisingly well priced!


Fashion Designer

I have to say that most people tend to think that they are either interior design oriented or fashion oriented. I think if you are in either field, that you probably have a little bit of both in you.

I mean, would you hire an interior design to design your home if she could not dress herself? No.

Anyways, I tend to think I really am more even than leaning one way or another. It is a problem for me, my husband, and my wallet. I do want to try and bring a little more fashion to my blog though because it is something that I love and dream about in my spare time.

I thought I would start with this. A fashion DIY. I think good ones are hard to find, but this one might need an attempt. If not for me, for my soon-to-be lucky little niece.

Picture via We Are Not Martha

Glitter shoes.

I am a sucker for a sparkle, and the Miu Miu glitter shoes that I usually dream of at night, are slightly (ok, a lot) out of my price range, but maybe with THIS step-by-step, I can make my own.


Yes or No?

Does this look like it could be a younger Olivia Palermo before we ALL knew her?

I know she has those pillows on her sofa at home.

I guess it doesn't matter who it is because I want that skirt and the pillows (still).



M is for Mushroom Wood

The other day I was watching the newest episode of Dear Genevieve on HGTV and could not believe my eyes when they pulled out the mot beautiful wood I had ever seen.

Mushroom Wood.

Picture via DIY with ADD

The reason the wood is beautiful is sort of disgusting though. The mushrooms live in it and eat it and gnaw away at it, but once it is cleaned up it is gorgeous.

The more amazing part was the cabinet that Genevieve's BEYOND skilled craftsman built out of it.

I searched high and low for a picture but could not find one on the internet or HGTV website anywhere. The episode did not even appear to be up so I could not do a screen shot for you.

Hopefully someone will see this and help me in my plight, because that cabinet was beyond words.


It's That Time of Year

With the holidays come engagements!

Rings are appearing on left hands all over town and I could not be happier. It is already looking like it will be another successful wedding season next year.

I couldn't help but peruse some of the photos I have lingering in my inspiration folder...

Picture via Shyla Darfur


Back in Action

So after a poor ending to 2010 (if you had not noticed my lack of posts and then the one where I mentioned I was down with the stomach flu), I am back in action in 2011. I guess it is safe to say that 2011 is off to a better start, but then something horrible happened.

I am a creature of habit. I cannot help myself.

For Christmas I got a lot of wonderful presents and some cash and with that cash I finally went and refreshed ALL of my make-up. A costly job, but very necessary.

Once I got home and played with everything, cleaned out my old junk, and organized the new, I realized my old make-up bag had seen better days. I mean, it has been 10 years. It just would not clean anymore, and I hated the idea of putting new, clean things into a dingy bag.

I love it.

It is perfect because it fits everything, and then when I travel I just throw it in my bag and easy, breezy done. That is why I have held onto it for so many years. (one of my previous roommates even loved it so much she went out and got one too after deciding it was the best bag she ever saw)

Well, I searched high and low and called a few stores and finally one of the benefit girls told me they were discontinuing them and they were only available online. Boo.

I immediately got on Amazon and purchased this baby, but I already have a fear for the next 10 years when I need a new one.

I guess 2021 will be a rough year for me.