A Common Thread

While watching the Oscars last night I noticed that my favorite dresses all seemed to share a little something.

Halle Berry in a shimmery nude Marchesa dress.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a sleek, shimmery Calvin Klein column dress.

Michelle Williams in sequins head-to-toe in Chanel Haute Couture.
(She learned her lesson the hard way)

Celine Dion (who rarely looks good) in a shimmering, body hugging Armani Prive gown.

Hilary Swank (who hasn't looked good since that navy backless number 20 years ago) in a shimmering and feather dusting Gucci Premiere dress.

All Pictures via People.com

You can never be let down with a classic enhanced by a little sparkle people.

Lesson learned.


Oh to be in Paris...

So I often wish I were in Paris rather than at work, stuck in traffic or at the dentist, BUT I have never wished to be in Paris more than March 1st-10th, 2011.

During Paris Fashion Week the amazing shop Colette (carries any and ever designer most coveted item you could want) will be getting a little extra love from Karl Lagerfeld.

Together Sarha Lerfel (Colette) and Karl will be opening a pop-up shop that will be selling Chanel and other the amazing goodies, but the best part is the arts and crafts.

Lemarie couturiers will be on hand showing you have to make the camelias they make for the Chanel Haute Couture show.

I die.

I must go.

It is my birthday...


Kelly Wearstler + Fashion = ?

SO when I cruised over to Kelly Wearstler's blog yesterday I was so excited to see a peek into her ready-to-wear fashion line.

The boards got me excited...

The fabrics made me swoon...

but is it just me, or do the outfits lack a little something?

All pictures via My Vibe My Life

The skirt ensemble could be decent, but what is up with the pants and boots on the right? Yuck.

Oh Kelly, maybe you are only good at interiors.


Flowers for Me

So, I love when my husband gets me flowers. Love it. The gesture is lovely and greatly appreciated.

Sadly though, I am a demanding wife, and I only want the flowers I want.

How do I tell the hubby I love the flowers, but do not ever get me red roses again?

Email with pictures.

With my birthday in a week, I figured I better get on it.

Peonies...who doesn't want a bushel of peonies?

Burgers love for Carrie brought back the sweetness of the perfectly pink carnation.

Dahlias area always a good choice.

Lisianthus always add to any arrangement.

Or stick with what you know I like...there were 800 million amethyst purple hydrangeas at our wedding.

*hint, hint hubby*


Is That You Jen?

Is it just me or does Jennifer Aniston look younger than ever?

The Embellished House

When I was in Scottsdale, one of the places I knew I wanted to visit was The Embellished House. My mom had been and knew I would want to see it in person too.

She was right.

Reclaimed wonders.

Reworked pieces.

Embellished beauties.

One of my favorite pieces was this old post office mailbox that they were using as a wine rack.

I died. Love.

However, it is called 'Embellished House' for a reason.

They take regular pieces and make the extra-ordianry.

One guy who wanted to come home with me was this embellished pig doorstop. Sadly, an iron doorstop is not the easiest item to travel back home with. Sadly, he stayed in Scottsdale.

Want to see everything for yourself?

Go here.


It Is What It Is

I was sitting on my computer in my pjs searching for inspiration for a blog post after a very long and fun weekend away and when I found this over at Just a Girl and Her Stuff and I knew...

It is what it is.

New and more interesting posts to come tomorrow.


Rebecca June


Made for Me

With my birthday being just under 2 weeks away now, I am starting to think about what I might want on my wish list.

If anyone out there is feeling amazingly generous...please feel free to send this beauty my way. Size 6 please.

*Damn you Sabre for showing me this.*

Naturally Neutral

All of these are warm and inviting while seeming effortlessly chic.


Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Elle Decor

Picture via Full House


Oh, YES!

Have you seen this?

I believe I will have to go.

Maybe I can find someone to drag along with me too.

Any takers?


Drink Pink

Considering my blog has seemed to be on a bit of a pink roll of late, I couldn't help but post this pink drink that I found over on Erin Ever After.

Pretty and Delicious.


Scottsdale, Here We Come

Next Thursday my husband and I, and my brother and his girlfriend are headed to Scottsdale for a quick getaway. I am so excited to go and explore and see what is out there and stay at the Westin Kierland I cannot even explain it.

I am looking for some tips or ideas of thing to do though besides relaxing.
(Which I can really use.)

Any suggestions for places I must see when I am not lounging here...



Prettiest in Pink

Between Valentines Day and the new House Beautiful "pink" issue, I figured it was time for a pink post.

Some oldies but goodies...

I think I have a new color crush.


Inside Out

Picture via Shelter

This is everything I want my future office to be.


Carter Kustera

So I was so happy that I saw over on Alissa's blog, The GOODS Design, about the Groupon sale for Carter Kustera.

I have wanted one of these babies for years, but on Jonathan Adler they were $750! Granted it is for a pretty large guy, but still much too pricey for me.

On Groupon though you could get an adorable 9" x 7" silhouette for $50! I also had a $10 coupon so mine came down to $40!

Picture via Jonathan Adler

Picture via Carter Kustera

I decided the only member of my family worth of getting their silhouette done was my precious Dorothy Mantooth. She is a saint after all.


Another Mini Redo

While "the game" was on, I decided I had a little free time to organize the office shelves (which also need a good dusting) and I decided to switch it up a little.


Picture via JL Photographers


A little cleaner, a few less photos, and slightly more masculine per my husbands request.


What Was I Thinking

Sometimes I go through my inspiration folder and wonder what I was thinking when I saved some of the images.

I must have been looking for something when I pulled these, but what the heck was it?

Acrylic, a lovely color, and a lovely view. I must not have noticed that scalloped valance hanging down. Eeew.

Brown warmed over.

Plain Jane.

I love acrylic, and I love black and white BUT...

I am guessing I liked these mirror tables, but who knows.