Les Gazelles

The pictures on Les Gazelles website makes me want to become a pearl diver.

It also makes me want to do some serious jewelry DIY-ing.

All Pictures via Les Gazelles


Tread On Me

Picture via Rebecca June
Residence by Design Works

Hello beautiful flooring...you will soon be mine.

I ordered these floors for my house yesterday. By next week they should be installed.

Hardwood happiness.


Have Your Cake and Ombre it Too

I need an occasion that calls for me to get one of these beauties.

Are you listening Marilyn?


Sleepless in the OC

It seems that is time for me to get out my Ambien because several sleepless nights and all I can think about all day is my bed. Even though I have my amazing Matteo bedding to swaddle me at night, it is not doing the trick. Maybe I need a new bed to send me into my happy little dream world...these might do.

Picture via Coco + Kelley

Picture via Domino

Picture via Domino

Picture via Lonny

Picture via Shoebox Decor


New to Me

The other day my mother called me with a very interesting piece of news.

One of her close friends was cleaning out her grandmothers house and found a few vintage dresses that she thought I might be interested in. I was very excited, but you never know what condition things may be in, so I kept my excitement on the back-burner.

When my mother said she had them and they were beautiful I got more excited and rushed over. I was beyond happy with what was in front of me.

The next barrier...size.

People were the size of beanpoles back in the day and apparently had no rib cage. I saw the dress tag said size 12, but I still held my breath as I slipped the first one on. To both my mom and my surprise, the dresses fit me like they were made for me.

The first was is fully sequined and has a loose bodice top and a slim knee length skirt. Dreamy.

The next was the picture of perfection that we all pictured dyed black. (I am still looking for someone who can do this.) The tag inside read Peggy Hunt, and when I researched her online I was happily surprised to find out that she was a big designer in the 1920-60's. Even cooler was the fact that she practically invented the illusion neckline and that is very apparent in the dress I have. Read a brief synopsis here.

Not to mention the other tags are from stores in Corona Del Mar.
Very cool.

All pictures via Rebecca June

I cannot wait for the perfect place to wear my "new" dresses.


All On the Line

At some point I started watching the Nate Show again. I am so happy I did because I never would have known about this wonderful show featuring my favorite fashionable man, Mr. Joe Zee.

All on the Line is about once promising designers that had success but that have hit a roadblock and Joe steps in and helps them reboot.

Tough Love and over 20 years of experience Joe Zee really knows what he is talking about and he lets his proteges know.

At the end he sets up buyers to show people like Neiman Marcus the designers new collection and see if he can get them back in stores.

All Pictures via The Sundance Channel

So tune in.
All on the Line is on the Sundance channel. I have to remind you that you can drop the 'F' word on the Sundance channel. Something that took me by a bit of a surprise and do a little double take while alone in my bed watching the television.



The Beauty Department

Have you heard?

Lauren Conrad is back and this time with her glam squad.

Lauren Conrad, Kristen Ess, and Amy Nadine are going to give you the tips and tools to style yourself like a pro.

Will it work? Well, the only thing that gives me hope is that in their welcome letter on The Beauty Department saying how Lauren tried to follow tips from magazines but she never had much success.

Maybe even I will be able to round brush my hair after a few week of reading this new blog! My mother would be so happy.

All Pictures via The Beauty Department


Light as a Feather

I spotted this beauty over on Jessica of Life Little Jems blog the other day and have not been able to stop thinking about it since.

Seems like it would fit in perfectly in my closet.



My Latest Acquisitions

I could not help but grab a few of these water floats when I saw them at one of my local haunts.

I did not know exactly what I was going to do with them when I got them, but I think I found the perfect spot. My cocktail table in my den needed some color and I think they did just the trick.

Pictures via Rebecca June

Little Ms. Dorothy Mantooth seems to like them as well.


The Canary Hotel

I spent this past weekend in Santa Barbara for a wedding that I didn't just attend, I officiated at! It was crazy, busy, wonderful, cold and amazing all at the same time.

For the weekend we stayed at the Canary Hotel.

It is everything you want when you are in Santa Barbara.

The lobby is earthy and perfectly worn in with leather and subtle earth toned colors.

The tapestry on the wall was picture perfect, but my favorite was when we got off the elevator and onto our floor...

Turquoise grasscloth!!!

The gorgeous Wisteria mirror that I have had saved in my inspiration images forever was a lovely treat too.

The Ikat fabrics framed on the walls were amazing and they were in every nook and cranny of the halls.

Welcome to our room!
I loved all of the little room plaques.
Detail, detail, detail.

Now for the other important information...my official wedding attire:

All Pictures via Rebecca June

Dress: Lanvin for H&M


Belt It

While I LOVED the belt like row of beading on my wedding dress,

I cannot help but think what I would have done had this real belt been around.

Wedding jewelry for your waist. YUM!


Love Me a Tassel

So, I knew I was on the fashion cusp when this landed in my inbox from Who What Where.

Just days before I had gotten this baby.

Let me tell you that EVERYONE who I have interacted with while wearing my new gold tassel, has raved about it. Why wouldn't they? Its heavy, its gold, and its a BIG tassel.

The craziest part is where it came from.
Ann Taylor.
Not to mention, it is on sale.



Pretty Picture Post

Picture via Dress Design & Decor

Today is one of those days where I only have enough energy for a pretty picture post.

It is what it is.


Art Flip Flop

Since I got new artwork for my living room thanks to Nicole over at Sketch42, my beautiful Paris map that I liked was left without a home.

Until I decided that maybe it could find a new home.


Picture via JL Photographers


Picture via Rebecca June

Now it serves as a headboard over my yummy Matteo bedding.


Winner, Winner

So let's be honest, I am a winner because of this...

The amazing art is by my best friend that I have never met (it has been far too long) Mrs. Nicole Cohen of Sketch42.

I am in utter awe of the dreaminess that now rests above my sofa.

Now for another winner.

The random # was 8 and the winner is...


Debra send me your information and I will get you your beautiful new house number sign!


Rebecca June