New to Me

The other day my mother called me with a very interesting piece of news.

One of her close friends was cleaning out her grandmothers house and found a few vintage dresses that she thought I might be interested in. I was very excited, but you never know what condition things may be in, so I kept my excitement on the back-burner.

When my mother said she had them and they were beautiful I got more excited and rushed over. I was beyond happy with what was in front of me.

The next barrier...size.

People were the size of beanpoles back in the day and apparently had no rib cage. I saw the dress tag said size 12, but I still held my breath as I slipped the first one on. To both my mom and my surprise, the dresses fit me like they were made for me.

The first was is fully sequined and has a loose bodice top and a slim knee length skirt. Dreamy.

The next was the picture of perfection that we all pictured dyed black. (I am still looking for someone who can do this.) The tag inside read Peggy Hunt, and when I researched her online I was happily surprised to find out that she was a big designer in the 1920-60's. Even cooler was the fact that she practically invented the illusion neckline and that is very apparent in the dress I have. Read a brief synopsis here.

Not to mention the other tags are from stores in Corona Del Mar.
Very cool.

All pictures via Rebecca June

I cannot wait for the perfect place to wear my "new" dresses.

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