All On the Line

At some point I started watching the Nate Show again. I am so happy I did because I never would have known about this wonderful show featuring my favorite fashionable man, Mr. Joe Zee.

All on the Line is about once promising designers that had success but that have hit a roadblock and Joe steps in and helps them reboot.

Tough Love and over 20 years of experience Joe Zee really knows what he is talking about and he lets his proteges know.

At the end he sets up buyers to show people like Neiman Marcus the designers new collection and see if he can get them back in stores.

All Pictures via The Sundance Channel

So tune in.
All on the Line is on the Sundance channel. I have to remind you that you can drop the 'F' word on the Sundance channel. Something that took me by a bit of a surprise and do a little double take while alone in my bed watching the television.


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