Red Carpet Rooms 9.30.09

I feel as though I have been seeing a lot of Rachel Bilson lately, and yet, I could not tell you what film or tv projects she has been doing...if any. That said, she has still been on many red carpets and making quite the statement!

Structured in Navy

Picture via Dress Design & Decor

Wrapped in Blue and White

A Pop of Green

Soho House Restaurant


Currently Obsessing...

over this room I found. I want it all just as it is and I do not even like the color red. that is how good it is.

Picture via Design*Sponge


Inviting French Glamour

I am currently helping a friend who is in the invitation business re-design her home office. Her home office is located in the casita of her home that she is renting. Due to the fact that she has a landlord who has to approve changes and decisions we are trying to work with a lot of what is already there. She already had a room of white furniture. I.E. desk, bookcases, file, and file cabinets. The walls and carpet were VERY caramelly and gold. Not to mention she wanted the place to feel feminine. I was at a loss on where to go. I finally decided we could do a French Glam look just by changing the walls and adding some hints of gold and maybe a pop of zebra and capiz shell.

I am hoping to paint the walls a warm gray that will tone down the carpet to the right shade of warm carmel. Replacing the HEAVY velvet drapes with lovely white linen panels will also make a tremendous difference. Now the tricky part. Getting my friend to be able to picture it! I, of course, have been scouring my files and blogs searching for the perfect pictures to show her that will help her be able to visualize. Here are the pictures I found so far...

Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Picture via Habitually Chic

However, if any of my lovely readers have any pictures that they think will help my client visualize, I would love it if you will send them my way!


Furniture Friday 9.25.09

I am always surprised when people do not consider window treatments a VITAL part of a room. I find myself having to talk clients into them most of the time, and then reassuring them that the cost is worth it. One item you can never go wrong with are classic white window panels. They really make any room seem crisp and clean or dreamy and soft. I have them in my bedroom and every once in awhile I am tempted to add something to them. However, look at the pictures below and you can see why I always resist!

Picture via Metropolitan Home

Picture via Chic Coles

Picture via Dress Design and Decor

Picture via Semigloss Chic

Picture via La Dolce Vita


Another Blog Award...Oh My!

I was delighted and thrilled when I heard the lovely ladies over at Chic Coles thought I deserved the Honest Scrap Award.

Here are the rules I must follow:

1. Say Thank You and give a link to the presenter of the award
2. Share "10 Honest Things" about myself
3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4. Tell those 7 people that they have been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines.

Well, here it goes!

1. I adore pigs...they are the cutest animal.
2. I am addicted to salsa. The hotter the better.
3. I am a reality TV junkie. It is one of the reasons I fell in love with my hubby.
4. I want to be on Top Design just to meet Jonathan Adler and Kelly Wearstler, but I would never do it because I could not live with strangers.
5. I have to sleep with the TV on.
6. I am an accessory addict. I may only have 10 shirts, but I could wear them 1,000 different ways.
7. I have swam with dolphins, sea lions, and manatees. It is truly my Nirvana.
8. I cannot cook but I want every kitchen accessory known to man.
9. My puppy is named after a line in Anchorman. "Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!"
10. I am 5'9" and I LOVE high heels.

Now for those blogs that I love to read everyday...

Thank you again to the girls over at Chic Coles! You must check them out too!


Dramatic Doors

I really think that your front door sets the tone for the home that you are about to enter. That being said, I would love to be able to visit the following homes...

Picture via Dustjacket Attic

Kristan Cunningham

Ashley Olsen
Picture via Marie Claire

If you are like me and cannot change your front door due to condo rules or HOAs, try doing what I did. I painted the inside of my front door a glossy black. It really makes a statement at the end of the hall and becomes part of the home rather than just an exit route.


Two Lamps are Better than one

Double the fun...

Picture via Dress Design Decor

Picture via Habitually Chic

Picture via Delight by Design

Picture via Dress Design Decor

Picture via Pink Wallpaper


Red Carpet Rooms 9.21.09

I figured there was no better way to make my way back into the blogging world after a month of home issues and one bad case of the flu then to go GLAM! Since the Emmys were last night I thought I would share a few of my favorites from the evening.

Chic and crisp in white.

Picture via Erin Ever After

Playful in purple.

Picture via Sweet Home Style

Anything but basic black.

Picture via Sketch 42

On a side note - I have randomly run into Heidi Klum and her family twice. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but both times she was without makeup and completely stunning. I also think the fact that I have had these encounters (once in LA and once in Oahu) means we are destined to be BFFs. Heidi...call me.


From the Flu to the Vegas

So I woke up to a hardcore case of the Flu on Friday. Thus, the lack of my usual Friday post. Not exactly the weekend I was planning to have prior to the mad rush at the Vegas Mart I am having on Monday. I am hoping that I will be able to see everything because we are just going for the day this year. I am hoping the Mart will be busy though, because that only means things are looking up for the field of Design. Although not to busy. I don't want to be sick in Vegas and it to no be from an overdose of FUN.


Things That Made Me Smile Today...

The NEW Kate Spade store in NYC.

Picture via A Life More Fabulous

This fantastical yellow headboard.

The J. Crew Gwen Dress

Picture via Glassford Hill Girl

The thought of having this closet.

Picture via Sanity Fair

The idea of framing beautiful shopping bags.


Melrose Place HEARTS Jamie Young

Click picture to enlarge.

So I have been waiting for Melrose Place to start! I was even more excited when I saw this sneak peak of the interiors. The set decorator obviously had used and knew how gorgeous Jamie Young lamps were because they are everywhere! I have a Lucky Table Lamp in my Living Room with an awesome Burlap Shade. I love it.

More importantly though, what did you guys think of the show?


There Is No Place Like Home

So it has officially been a month since the leak happened and I am still not in my house. This has got to be the longest it has ever taken anyone to reapir a small laundry room. I am talking about a 5x5 room here! I am dying to get back into my own house and they are telling me I should be in by Friday. I am not holding my breath though. Wish me luck! I REALLY need it!


Furniture Friday 9.4.09

The next item on my must have list for my dream home is a clawfoot tub. I am not a bath person by any means, but these just call to me!