Inviting French Glamour

I am currently helping a friend who is in the invitation business re-design her home office. Her home office is located in the casita of her home that she is renting. Due to the fact that she has a landlord who has to approve changes and decisions we are trying to work with a lot of what is already there. She already had a room of white furniture. I.E. desk, bookcases, file, and file cabinets. The walls and carpet were VERY caramelly and gold. Not to mention she wanted the place to feel feminine. I was at a loss on where to go. I finally decided we could do a French Glam look just by changing the walls and adding some hints of gold and maybe a pop of zebra and capiz shell.

I am hoping to paint the walls a warm gray that will tone down the carpet to the right shade of warm carmel. Replacing the HEAVY velvet drapes with lovely white linen panels will also make a tremendous difference. Now the tricky part. Getting my friend to be able to picture it! I, of course, have been scouring my files and blogs searching for the perfect pictures to show her that will help her be able to visualize. Here are the pictures I found so far...

Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Picture via Habitually Chic

However, if any of my lovely readers have any pictures that they think will help my client visualize, I would love it if you will send them my way!


  1. Great eye candy for the project. Hope she enjoys your great taste. You picked wonderful images for her to visualize with.

  2. Oh you are clever, I love the pictures you have chosen. Your ideas sound beautiful.