Happy Holidays!

From my family to yours...


Curled Up in Bed

This is why there has been no activity on my blog or Instagram lately...I have been sick in my bed...with my phone.

I hope next week or even the end of this one everything will turn around!


Rebecca June


Getting Stuffed

We all know that Pinterest leads to amazing things by now, but this might be my all time favorite find.

The only thing I could love as much as my favorite pup Dorothy Mantooth would be a stuffed animal that looks just like her.  That is exactly what The Shelter Pups do.  You send in a photo of your furry child and they will create a little stuffed doppelgänger for you. Not to mention with every purchase you can help donate to a local shelter of your choice.

Look at some of the real photos to stuffed dogs:

The first one already looks a lot like my little Dorothy Mantooth.

Pictures via The Shelter Pups

Purchase HERE.


Kelly Does It Again

So even though I went to the Kelly Wearstler Sample Sale, I still made time to go to her gorgeous store.  

Any place with an entry set like this is a place I want and need to be.

I visited some of my new and old favorite items from Kelly.

Perfect for the holidays, but so wearable all year long.
Mentioned before HERE.

My TO DIE FOR Serpent Clutch.  
I lust for you.
You may remember me mentioning it HERE.
 Another new favorite and a surprisingly dainty piece of jewelry for my taste that glows once it is on your finger is this Cabochon Eternity Band with opals. Really...it took my breath away.

 Who isn't drooling over the limited edition of Kelly Wearstlers latest book Rhapsody?

 An item that took me by surprise on this visit was this stunning Bejeweled Bottle Opener.
The perfect hostess gift!
Picture One via Rebecca June and the rest via Kelly Weastler


Ice, Ice Baby

The only thing better than getting an apple product for the holiday would be getting a Swarovski crystal covered one!

Pictures via Luxatic


Thanksgiving Recap

Dinner night one was at our Home.  
It gave me a chance to use some of of dishes that never see the light of day.

Hyacinth Chargers via Ikea
Stoneware via Calvin Klein
Feather Napkins via Target
Gold Faltware via Crate and Barrel (old)
Ticker Tape Appetizer Plates via Kate Spade
Peace Sign Flatware via Unknown (old)

Night One Attire

Sequin Chevron Top via J. Crew
Necklace via J. Crew (old)

Night Two Attire

Star Crown DIY via Rebecca June (seen here)
Top via Free People (old)

In attendance at Dinner #2 was:

Harry Winston and Wendy Darling
Ebony and Ivory 

Of course Dorothy Mantooth was also there...and very concerned about when she would get her meal.

Pictures via Rebecca June


A Few Goodies

Lovelies from my Instagram...

A star on my head.

A dinosaur on my wrist.

Vintage luggage and some sparkle in my dining room.

A cluster of jewels upon my head. 

Pictures via Rebecca June


The Clothes Off My Back

It is that time again...I am cleaning out my closet and trying to make space for what I have to breathe.

See these listings and more HERE.

Pictures via Rebecca June


A Puppy Break

Sometimes you just need to look at something cute to feel better.

Picture via Rebecca June

Your Welcome.


Rebecca June


What I Wore - Leopard and Turquoise

A little breeze allowed me to finally bust out some tights the other day.
Too bad the heat is headed right back.

Dress - Target
Necklace - J. Crew
Wedges - J. Crew

Pictures via Rebecca June


Leaving on an Airstream

My girlfriend recently told me about the mini "glamping" vacation she went on and I had to share!

She vacationed on an Airstream in Big Sur.  
How much fun would it be waking up here for a weekend? 

Pictures via Big Sur Getaway

Your private home away from home in the middle of nowhere.

Find out more HERE.


Gluten, Soy and Corn Free...Oh My!

Well, I need your help.

I am trying to be calm but learning that I am gluten, soy and corn intolerant was somewhat shocking.

So slowly but surely I am going to work all of these out of my diet, but I need help.  Does anyone have any tips?  Recipes? Websites?

This must be some cosmic domestic karma due to my lack of domestic skills.  All this means am I am going to have to make meals and not drive-thru for them.  Ugh.

I am trying to keep calm, but...I am not.


Rebecca June


Build a Blurb Book - for Free

Picture via The 10 Cent Designer

I have been interested in creating a Blurb Book for awhile now, but I just was not sure if I would be thrilled with how it would turn out,  I have had bad experiences with Mac books, and thought it may be the same.

Well, lucky for all of us, Blurb teamed up with the 10 Cent Designer to let you make your very own Blurb Book for just the price of shipping!

What better way to try it out?

Go HERE for more info and make your own.

The offer ends today at 11:59pm.


Rebecca June


Star Crown DIY

So do you remember this post from a few days ago?

Well, I decided that maybe I would try and make a crown of stars for myself.

All you need:

Gray  - or any color - felt
Fabric Glue

1.  Start by cutting out your stars - I initially started out by tracing stars onto the felt, but I felt when I freehanded cutting them out I preferred the way they looked a little more.  Each a little unique.

2. Use fabric glue spread onto the top of your starts to adhere the glitter.

3. Shake off glitter and let dry.

4. Cut enough ribbon to tie around your head, leaving room for the bow.  Attach as many stars as you want on your crown using the fabric glue.  I preferred my stars touching each other.

5.  Wear and enjoy!

Pictures via Rebecca June

Send me pictures if you make your own!

I would love to see your creations.