Moore Please

Well, after weeks of recording The Nate Berkus Show and fast forwarding through the each entire episode, I finally stopped and watched one of the segments.
(Nate Show Production - please take note, more of this)

Actress Julianne Moore let us all in our her design talents back in an article for Domino *tear* however, I had never seen her own beautiful home.

On the show, Julianne spoke about how she tried to preserve and re-use the original parts of the house and infuse them back into the new design.

She won me over.


Open Shelving Behind Closed Doors

Sometimes I can be a crazy person. Ok, a lot of times, but it usually ends up working out for me. I tend to randomly get a wild hair and feel the need to organize anything and everything.

Last night it was my dishes.

I wish I had open shelving in my kitchen so all of my beautiful dishes (that rarely get used) were seen. I don't. However, when I open my cupboards now, I can at least pretend.

Picture via A Perfect Gray

Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Picture via White & Wander

Picture via Apartment #34


Teenage Dream

Picture via PB Teen

Need some sculptures on the cheap?

Hello PB Teen!

Set of Wire Horses for $29 HERE.

What a deal.


Two Down, One To Go

My husband and I are finishing up our wedding season and have only 1 more to go. I will say, we shine at weddings. My husband more than I...

By the way, I am blonde now. I should really update my profile pic.

(I hope the girl behind us is singing, but it looks like she is shouting.)

He's got moves you've never seen.


Thank You Mr. Postman

Look at what someone brought me today...

Let me tell you, Lonny is SOOOO much better in real life.

The pages are thick. The pictures are matte.

I feel like my magazine world is whole now.

I can already tell you what I will be doing all weekend...flipping pages.


I Love a Box in the Mail

So, when I first found out about this I was a little skeptical, but now I think it could be the best thing ever!

Hello Birchbox!

Birchbox is a wonderfully monthly package full of *DELUXE* makeup samples from some amazing brands like NARS, Cargo, perfume from anyone and everyone to name just a few.

I dont know about you but I am not a makeup girl, but whenever I catch a bad photo of myself I think, "I could use a little something so I dont look washed out." (My mom just fell off her chair)

Well, I dont want to peruse makeup aisles and counters for hours and hours, and spend mounds of money on what I think will work (which usually doesnt). That is where Birchbox comes in.

All you do is fill in your beauty profile and for $10 a month they will send you 4-5 *DELUXE* samples of what they believe to be worthwhile and useful products. Dreamy.

Here is a glimpse of my first box:

A lovely card with a list of what is in your box and what it is used for.

Hello beautiful package!

All of my goodies.

I just got this baby today but I am hoping to do some test runs this weekend since I have another wonderful wedding.

If you are interested, let me know and I will send you an invitation from moi!


Show Them How Its Done

Picture via Destined to Design

So all us lovely bloggers thought Nate Day would be a success, but it sounds like it was a huge let down. (Poor Nicole over at Sketch42 went and said it was beyond awful and she only walked a few blocks.) Granted his show has been somewhat the same. Stick to what you know Nate, and do an interior design show, not a daytime talk show. That is why we are watching.

I was torturing myself about why hadn't I gotten up and just put down my stash of cash and flown across the country to go be a part of this. It now looks like the only thing I missed out on was meeting all of the other wonderful bloggers out there.

I am thinking maybe HGTV could rectify this situation?

They seem to be interested in turning their attention towards the future and are aware that bloggers are a huge part of that.

So, if you are listening, its your move HGTV.



I have had such a pounding headache since yesterday that it feels like I have been banging my head against this...

Maybe it is because I should be here...

seeing him.

Damn you Nate for not giving a girl enough time to get off work and fly across the country.

Oh well. I will be living vicariously through EVERYONE else.


Feeling Blue...

must be a case of the Mondays.

Picture via Lonny

Picture via Shelter

Picture via Lonny

Picture via Greige


Sit. Stay. Love.

I am a HUGE animal lover.
Needless to say when I saw this in my email, I forwarded it on to all my family and friends.
Just another reason to love Anthropologie.
Check it out HERE to see when an event is happening near you!


Print Perfect

I doubt I am the last to know, but I am SO excited! Now that Lonny has a whole new website, they have many more options to play with including ordering printed copies of Lonny!

I cannot wait to (literally) get my hands on these pictures!

All Pictures via August/September Lonny which is available for purchase


Let Me See Your Peacock...

Due to Anthropologies AMAZING (I am serious) return policy, I have come into a bit of money to Anthro. Now, I have been dying for these Peacock dishes for sometime now, and yet, for some reason, I cannot seem to pull the trigger.

I mean, I don't host parties, I barely make dinner, but I know the day they disappear I will be wrecked if I don't have some of my very own.


All Pictures via Anthopologie

Should I? Or shouldn't I?


Crystal Clear

Nothing would make me happier than these flanking my bed.

Please donate to my lighting fund.


Pastel Perfection

Picture via Delight by Design

Ashley Olsen
Picture via Marie Claire

Picture via Escapade

Picture via The Decorista

Picture via Destined to Design


Wedding Month

This weekend kicks-off wedding month for me.

In the next 4 weeks we have 3 weddings. I am in one and my hubby is in two.

Busy. Busy.


A Little Switch-a-roo

I am thinking about moving the art from above my Living Room sofa...

to over my bed to make a larger headboard.

Pictures via JL Photographers

What do you think?

I recently ordered some of the Matteo Bedding in Coal (Gorg) and I think it will make it a little more moody in a good way.

Then to replace the art in my Living Room, I am thinking about doing a photo wall. I never get sick of them and they are a little more personal.


Guest Room

Picture via Apartment #34

I have a very similar chest to this that I now know what I will do with when I have a Guest Room in my future abode.

Love it.


Happy Labor Day

Picture via Aubrey Road

Put your hair up, and relax in the sunshine.
(Although it is starting to feel like fall, and that makes today even better.)