Riding High

I was shocked when I walked into the mall by my house yesterday and saw this in Z Galleries window...
Picture via Z Gallerie

I could not believe it.

What was even more surprising is how much I liked it! It was even large - 47" x 47" - BUT it was $400. I thought that was pretty pricey coming from a chain store.

What do you guys think?


  1. So gorgeous but yeah just a little pricey hey? But I always think you'll have and love this forever but the money once spent you forget about fairly quickly! Maybe that's how I just justify it to myself :)

  2. It's beautiful but the price is high have you looked on Etsy there's a lot of nice horse prints to choose from and the price a lot better.

  3. Love! Check: art.com
    They have some pretty good cheap art!

  4. It's a stunner, but $400.. I'd have a hard time too! xx

  5. I love it, but that price tag? wowzers.