Let Me See Your Peacock...

Due to Anthropologies AMAZING (I am serious) return policy, I have come into a bit of money to Anthro. Now, I have been dying for these Peacock dishes for sometime now, and yet, for some reason, I cannot seem to pull the trigger.

I mean, I don't host parties, I barely make dinner, but I know the day they disappear I will be wrecked if I don't have some of my very own.


All Pictures via Anthopologie

Should I? Or shouldn't I?


  1. Ha! I have two sets of dishes from my wedding (everyday and fancy-pancy) - is it wrong that I want these as my third set? I may have seen these or something similar at a wholesaler - we must discuss...

  2. SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it! Love them. Just get 4, then you won't feel so guilty ;)

  3. They are pretty cool......maybe you should get 4 or 6!

  4. Should! You deserve it and that's great advice just to get a few.

  5. YES! I've been having the same debate in my head! And haven't bought them yet either. But I love them!

  6. My biggest regret is waiting until things are no longer available. Then I obsess over them forever. Don't make the same mistakes I do. Get them! They're gorgeous!