Your Furry Friend

So, what do you guys think of this trend?

I mean, I know most love a good sheepskin from Ikea, but now it is getting even more intense and we have moved into Mongolian Lamb. Everything from pillows to bedspreads and even J. Crew has pushed it further with vests and purses.

Picture via Everything Fabulous

Above two Pictures via Simply Seductive

Rachel Zoe

Picture via Lonny

Maybe I could live with a *little* touch somewhere...

West Elm

Really though...thoughts?


  1. I'm all about a good throw or a pillow...but the chairs are a bit much for me. LOVE the pillows tho.

  2. I have two mongolian lamb pillows in my living room...

    and I have an 8 foot round sheepskin rug in my den. I like it. But not too much. I think I have too much.

  3. These images + the grey weather outside has me SO ready for fall! (Not to mention the black boots I bought last spring that I only wore a hand full of times before it got too hot!)Love these! Can't wait for our design date!