Open Shelving Behind Closed Doors

Sometimes I can be a crazy person. Ok, a lot of times, but it usually ends up working out for me. I tend to randomly get a wild hair and feel the need to organize anything and everything.

Last night it was my dishes.

I wish I had open shelving in my kitchen so all of my beautiful dishes (that rarely get used) were seen. I don't. However, when I open my cupboards now, I can at least pretend.

Picture via A Perfect Gray

Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Picture via White & Wander

Picture via Apartment #34


  1. I totally get the same way about organizing! Also -- open shelving pretty much guarantees that your dishes would always be kept well organized since everything is in the open!

  2. These shelving/ceramic shots are so, so pretty. I commend those with the willpower to stick with one style of dishware...mine is such a random mish mesh.

  3. oh, I'm so glad I'm not he only one organizing cupboards at 3 AM! These are beautiful inspiration pics..

  4. this is hilarious. i totaly reorged my cupboards last night too! i love open shelving, but i dont think im organized enough to handle it. maybe it would force me to be more organized.