A Little Switch-a-roo

I am thinking about moving the art from above my Living Room sofa...

to over my bed to make a larger headboard.

Pictures via JL Photographers

What do you think?

I recently ordered some of the Matteo Bedding in Coal (Gorg) and I think it will make it a little more moody in a good way.

Then to replace the art in my Living Room, I am thinking about doing a photo wall. I never get sick of them and they are a little more personal.


  1. my first thought was no, because I LOVE those just where they are BUT if you are going to do a gallery wall and put all of the visual weight back in the L/R in a different way ... I say GO for it! It would make a nice balance for your Bed ... Fun!!!

  2. I think the living room pics would look fabulous over your bed. I love photo walls too, so I say definitely go for it!


  3. I like this idea. The photo wall will be a great way to bring some color into your living room and the framed art in your living room seems like it would be just the right width for your bed. fun way to change it up!

  4. I like the idea of moving LR pics to bedroom, but I think you need a painting over your sofa... of course i do.

  5. I think the LR pics will look fantastic in your bedroom especially with your new bedding and I love the idea of personalising the living room with family pics.

    Can't wait to see the results.

    Sandy K