Design Works Goes Live

The design firm that I work for just launched our new website today!

Check it out HERE.

Picture via JL Photographers

All Design by Design Works


Hair Do

So after seeing this picture...

Picture via Pintrest

I am thinking about going back to brunette.

Picture via Rebecca June


Not that I will listen.


What I Wore - Chunky Goodness

Instead of recapping the Oscars like most, I thought you might prefer to see what i was wearing on my wrist:

Heavy chunks of crystal.

Thank you to my mother for letting my wear this beauty for even an hour, let alone a whole day.

Top, Belt and Necklace - J. Crew
Jeans - Textile by Elizabeth and James
Flats - Tory Burch
Bracelet - My Mothers

Pictures via Rebecca June


My Puppy is Cuter Than Yours

So I might be a little biased.

However, I know that Fridays should make everyone smile, but if not I thought I would provide photos that make me smile.

This puppy face.

Wondering how she got here and how to make it stop.

So proud with her small ball wedged in her mouth.

Bows are not here favorite, but ankle socks get an open mouth grin!

Look how long that tiny tongue is.

Pictures via Rebecca June



Can you ID This Necklace?

Have you seen me before?

Project Runway
Picture via Rebecca June

So I am sure I am not the only one who is watching Project Runway All Stars. The best addition to this season? The Neiman Marcus accessory wall!

The only problem...not knowing who some of the items are by!

Why doesn't the Project Runway website list the accessories? You think Neimans would have been smart enough to ask for that.

So now I am asking my readers, because I know one of you is just as jewelry obsessed as I am and knows who this chunky chain, heavy stone shaped necklace beauty is by.



Rebecca June


My Money is on my Body

While going through the pictures on my phone and my computer, I quickly realized where al of my hard earned pennies go.


What I Wore - Weekend Warrior

Sometimes you have to work on the weekends.

Here is the outfit that I made work double duty.

Off to work and then to dinner and drinks with friends.

Top - James Pearse
Jacket/Jeans/Booties - J. Crew
Belt - Streets Ahead
Bag - Mulberry
Watch/Gold Cuff - Michael Kors
Turquoise Bracelet - my mothers / Kenneth Jay Lane
Necklace - my mothers / Madewell

Hello Sunshine.

All Pictures via Rebecca June


Atlantis is Home

If you follow Jane of Sea of Shoes or Judy from Atlantis Home, you know that both of these women have been on the move and busy fixing up there new respective homes. When a few pics popped up on their blogs, I had to share.

I love everything in this picture.

Based on my last post though, you know I am loving the look of that fireplace, especially with that glass and brass screen.

I really cannot decide if I like these chairs...Judy also has a small sofa to match...but I can tell you that I like the picture and the intense shot of malachite green that is coming form this photo!

All Pictures via Atlantis Home

See more HERE.


Pining and Pinning Wood

I must still be looking for some winter weather because I cannot seem to stop pinning piles and piles of wood to my Pintrest account.

If you like what you see...you should totally follow me HERE.

All Pictures via Pintrest


What I Wore - 70's Secretary

You know how some days you wake up and no matter how late you are running, your outfit, hair and jewelry all seem to fall into place?

That was my Thursday last week.

I could not help but feel a little nod to the 70's with my bell bottoms and tie neck blouse, and frankly I was loving every minute of it.

Top - DKNY
Jeans - J Brand Martini Flare
Wedges - Ralph by Ralph Lauren
Belt - J. Crew
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Nadri and J. Crew
Ring - Bebe

All Pictures via Rebecca June


What I Wore - Seeing Spots

Just like the rest of you, I have seen the numerous amounts of leopard designer denim that has been popping up all over the place. As a leopard print loving girl, I was intrigued, but it was hard for me to imagine wrapping my thighs in leopard and actually liking what I saw. Not to mention, was it really worth the $200 investment?


Tee - J. Crew
Jeans - Target
Flip Flops - Tory Burch
Scarf - J. Crew
Sunnies - Chloe
Bracelet - Michael Kors
Watch - Nixon

All Pictures via Rebecca June

So, while I could never spend $200 on jeans that I thought would surely be out of trend by summer time, when I walked into my favorite store - Target - and saw what I thought was a wonderful knock-off, I felt the need to try them on. At that point it came down to the actual fit of the jean.

Guess what?


These are so good for $23 I feel like I will be heading back to get the gray version too.

I mean can you see the $180 price difference between mine above, and the Current/Elliott below?


Jewelry Need

This might be the solution to my jewelry storage problems.

Pictures via The Coveteur

Mary Alice Stephenson had the Closet Factory come in and custom her closet including a storage house with full glide roll-out and see through drawers for her jewelry collection.

Now I just need a closet big enough.

See the rest of her closet HERE.


Asking the Universe

Soooo, I have to ask all of my lovely readers for help.

I am in desperate need of this Kate Spade Westward Sequin Duffle.

I am scouring the Earth for one of my very own.

Do you have it? Do you know where one is?
All Pictures via Kate Spade

Help me. Email me. Please.

*fingers and toes crossed*

C'mon. I think it is the perfect 30th birthday present.


Lovely Luggage

I have always loved luggage.

It was not until I was browsing through my hoards of saved pictures that I realized how many pictures I had of lovely luggage though.

I do not know if it is the idea of the travel, or just another large bag that makes me think about what suitcases I want or where it might be fun to go with what suitcase.

Anyways, here are just a few pics I have collected.

Picture via Apartment #34

Viceroy Miami
Picture via Kelly Wearstler

Nate Berkus
Picture via Habitually Chic

Ken Fulk
Picture via House Beautiful

Picture via Lonny

Marc Jacobs

The Tides Miami
Picture via Kelly Wearstler