Head in the Clouds

Picture via Aubrey Road

Well people, I think it is time for me to really take a little time for myself to decide where this blog is heading. I am a little spent and I am sick of serving up lack luster posts. I am hoping that I can recoup over the fourth and come back to blog land refreshed and with some fresh ideas.

THank you all for sticking with me, I promise I will be back soon.


Rebecca June


Eddie Borgo x J. Crew

I am loving all the collaborations that J. Crew has been doing lately. They have really found a way to market to not only the mass consumer but also the boutique clientele.

Feast your eyes on what Eddie Borgo has done for them now...

Now if you do not know what he does normally, look at these beauties.


The Reveal

Between pillows, a rug, and a new piece of art I have a lot to show you in my updated living room.

West Elm linen pillow cases for $10. I actually go them for another 15% off plus free shipping because they were having a crazy deal, but they are totally worth it.

Buy here.

They make Nicoles art shine even more.

Then, another West Elm find, my rug.
For the steal of deal of $229 it is dreamy.

I was concerned about the word "chenille" however, it doesnt read grandma, it just make the juxtaposition of the just even more amazing and softer. Dorothy loves it.

Speaking of my furry child, I finally got here amazing Carter Kustera silhouette framed.

You can see how true to life it is.

All pictures via Rebecca June

My framer floated the silhouette for me so you could really appreciate the frayed edges.
I love it.

What do you guys think?


I Would Walk 500 Miles

Ok, well I drove 120 round trip but it was totally worth it.

I was excited to meet these lovelies:

You can read all about the dreamy night we had over on Christians blog, but it was more fun than I could have hoped for.

Besides the fact that Nicole and I have been trying to figure out who was going to what coast for the last 2 years, having a surprise addition of Erica, meeting my new favorite stylist Emily, and cozying up to Christian for the second time in another posh LA establishment, there was never an awkward moment.

It was gold Jerry, gold.

What do you wear when going to the Chateau Marmont?
(score Emily for resies...Ha!)
No clue, but I wore this:

(FYI I think I prefer my face being a burst of light)

I think the 5 of us should re-create our Chateau date once a year at least.



Rebecca June


Keys Please

So its that time where my key ring has exploded and I need a new one.

My problem?

I cannot just get any key ring. If I have to stare at some utilitarian thing everyday for hours on end, I want it to not only be functional but pretty as well.

Some of my top choices.

Too expensive, but I bet it feels nice and heavy.

A leather tassel that comes in a multitude of colors? YES PLEASE!

I think the reason I love this one is just because there is leather, rhinestones, and a tassel. It is calling to me.

The cost effective Heremes version.

My fave due to my love of pink pigs...
Bottega Venetta Ostrich Pig Key Ring
Sadly, it is not available anymore.

I guess my quest continues.


Twinkle, Twinkle

I hope that I get the chance to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle in person with my husband for our 3 year anniversary. We have been talking about going together for almost 6 years now.

The best part, if we won the trip!

If I don't win though, maybe you could.
I would try to be happy for you.

Puppies and Parties

My weekend was another whirlwind and took an unexpected turn on Saturday evening.

On my way to meet a girlfriend for dinner I saw a tiny dog in the road and he seemed to be walking further into traffic. This kind of thing always makes me sick, as I would rather see a dead person, than a dead animal. I know it sounds heartless, but what did the animal do?

Anyways, I stopped my car and walked out into traffic and luckily the little guy came running. I put him in my car and called my girlfriend to tell her I would be delayed indefinitely. I then drove to the urgent care and shelter but no one was open or could take him. Where do I go now? My parents house of course.

This is where my mom and I discovered the little guy had just been neutered. He was definitely someones but he was our for the night. He was so sweet and it was hard to bear the thought of driving him to the shelter the next day.

Instead, in the morning we decided to call and see if they had any lost dogs reported matching his description. When we called the lady at the shelter said she had nothing but told us to check Craigs List and that people sometimes post there. My mom and I laughed at this concept but decided to look anyway. To our shock and surprise, there was little Oliver. (my little guys name) Can you believe it?

From there I drove to take Oliver home and then went home myself to change and try and look pretty for a birthday party that I attended last night which led to my sleepy and slightly sick feeling this Monday morning. Although, that is pretty much my normal Monday morning feeling.

What did you guys do?


A Girl's Dream

While in Palm Springs a few weeks ago I stopped in the Kate Spade store so I could see this in person.

That's when I saw this.

Wood and Brass. Mmmmm.

It only got better when I saw what was in the drawers.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

Drawers chocked full of colored pencils and paper? Yes Please!

I Wanna See Your Peacock

I feel like peacock feathers are back and are popping up all over the place. With the bohemian, 70's fashion also in full effect what better way to join in the trend than to rock a peacock feather necklace?

Easy and breezy and a large pop of color all in one.

Here is all you will need:

- Peacock Feathers
- Gold Chain
- Strong Adhesive
- Pinch Ends
- Toothpicks
- Pliers

1. Measure out the amount of chain that you want and decided how long you want your necklace to be.

2. Cut your peacock feathers to the desired length

3. Take your pinch ends, use the toothpick to apply glue to the inside of the end and insert your peacock feather.

4. With your pliers, open the the looped end and attach it to your chain at the desired placement.

Et Voila!

All Pictures via Rebecca June


My Weekend in Photos

I spent my weekend being busy, busy, busy.

First, I hung these.

Then I tried to decided if I like this new rug.

It was nice, but not 'it.' Something about it just bothered me.
I now have a new option coming. Wish me luck. Third time is the charm right?

Then I went here and became very frustrated.

However, I was wearing this which made me very happy.

Then I made these...

for him.
If you are interested in me making some for you please contact me with "onesies" in the subject line.

As always, I spent some wonderful time with my child.
All Pictures via Rebecca June

What did you guys do?


And the Winner Is...

Picture via Candice Renee Photography


Taylor - email me and we will et all your information so we can get your new skirt to you!


Rebecca June


Stash My Cash

Picture via Harrods

Hopefully in this Chloe wallet.

Do not forget! You still have time to enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Enter HERE!

West Elm'd

So I bit the bullet and I bought this West Elm rug without seeing it. luckily it is only being shipped from Santa Monica, so hopefully I won't have to wait to long before it arrives.

A sea of blue.

Denim and Jute...seems like a dream. Especially for $179.

While I was perusing the site I also stumbled across these.

All Pictures via West Elm

Washed linen and cotton pillows in an ombre of colors. I got all of the purple and blue ones and hopefully they will look like a dip-dye of color on my sofa. These are not returnable, but my mom and I could not help ourselves. I mean, $9.99 + 15% off + free shipping? Why didn't they just send them to me for free?