Puppies and Parties

My weekend was another whirlwind and took an unexpected turn on Saturday evening.

On my way to meet a girlfriend for dinner I saw a tiny dog in the road and he seemed to be walking further into traffic. This kind of thing always makes me sick, as I would rather see a dead person, than a dead animal. I know it sounds heartless, but what did the animal do?

Anyways, I stopped my car and walked out into traffic and luckily the little guy came running. I put him in my car and called my girlfriend to tell her I would be delayed indefinitely. I then drove to the urgent care and shelter but no one was open or could take him. Where do I go now? My parents house of course.

This is where my mom and I discovered the little guy had just been neutered. He was definitely someones but he was our for the night. He was so sweet and it was hard to bear the thought of driving him to the shelter the next day.

Instead, in the morning we decided to call and see if they had any lost dogs reported matching his description. When we called the lady at the shelter said she had nothing but told us to check Craigs List and that people sometimes post there. My mom and I laughed at this concept but decided to look anyway. To our shock and surprise, there was little Oliver. (my little guys name) Can you believe it?

From there I drove to take Oliver home and then went home myself to change and try and look pretty for a birthday party that I attended last night which led to my sleepy and slightly sick feeling this Monday morning. Although, that is pretty much my normal Monday morning feeling.

What did you guys do?

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