Moving On...

So I am sure you who are still with me have noticed my lack of posts for some time now.  It is not because I gave up on the blogging world, but because I have a new blogging home!

Please visit me and my BFF Paula Jean at our new home:


Rebecca June


Back from Brian Head

After some time in Vegas we headed off to Brian Head, Utah for a ski vacation.

I had never been skiing before so I was a little nervous, but I conquered the bunny slope and a few green runs all without a single fall.


There was also tubing. I cannot even tell you how much fun that was. I actually hit the barrier at the end and they tried to yellow tube me. AKA shame me by calling me out for going to fast. Uh, no thanks. I ignored the 12 year old and continued speeding down the tubing hill.


Vegas Baby

Our night in Vegas could not have gone better.

We stayed at the Mandalay Bay, something I have not done in a long time, and really explored every square inch of the hotel.

We went to Minus 5 where you put on boots, gloves and a parka and drink in a room made of ice. You drink out of glasses made if ice and sit on benches made of ice under ice chandeliers. It was surprisingly fun and very cool. Pun intended.

We also had to do a little window shopping, which meant a stop by Stella McCartney to see the crystal horse.

I also had to try on jewelry at Lanvin.

Oh how I wanted to take this beauty home.

The rest of our night in pictures:

Dress by Kelly Wearstler
Clutch by Streets Ahead
Cuff by Noir
Booties by MMM for H&M

My biggest fail of the night though was not getting my picture taken with Flavor Flav at Eye Candy. He had a nice big silver clock around his neck and everything.


Packed Up and Bundled Up

I have packed up myself and my car for a fun mini road trip with the husband.

First stop Vegas! Hopefully I can win big on the slots, and then off to Utah for the rest of the week to try my hand at skiing.

This could be bad.

I may just be a snow bunny lounging in the lodge for a week if necessary.

Wish me luck!


It Looked A Lot Like Christmas

Every once in  awhile we have a client ask us to help them with their Christmas decor.

This year one of our favorite clients needed all new items for their first Christmas in their new home.  It was a ton of work, but a true labor of love.  It was a long nine hour day and my hands were bleeding at the fingertips, but it turned out gorgeous!

Their 12 foot tree.  
Yes, I was on the top of that ladder all day long.

Their decadent mantle.

You always need a few wreaths inside.

Not to mention, an over the top garland.

Pictures via Design Works taken by Rebecca June


The End of 2012

The end of 2012 was a bit of a rough one for me.

Between getting the plague that would not go away, work, and having a dear friend diagnosed with breast cancer I was not much for keeping up with my blog.

I am ready for 2013 to turn everything around and focus on the fun in life.

Before I leave 2012 behind though there are a few last snapshots I have to share with you.


My favorite new Kelly Wearstler piece - her perforated quartz cuff

My Christmas Eve ensemble complete with electric blue Kate Spade heels

My Christmas party ensemble

A favorite Christmas gift - my Dorothy ring

All Pictures via Rebecca June

Wishing everyone unexpected happiness in one form or another in 2013!


Rebecca June