I Love a Box in the Mail

So, when I first found out about this I was a little skeptical, but now I think it could be the best thing ever!

Hello Birchbox!

Birchbox is a wonderfully monthly package full of *DELUXE* makeup samples from some amazing brands like NARS, Cargo, perfume from anyone and everyone to name just a few.

I dont know about you but I am not a makeup girl, but whenever I catch a bad photo of myself I think, "I could use a little something so I dont look washed out." (My mom just fell off her chair)

Well, I dont want to peruse makeup aisles and counters for hours and hours, and spend mounds of money on what I think will work (which usually doesnt). That is where Birchbox comes in.

All you do is fill in your beauty profile and for $10 a month they will send you 4-5 *DELUXE* samples of what they believe to be worthwhile and useful products. Dreamy.

Here is a glimpse of my first box:

A lovely card with a list of what is in your box and what it is used for.

Hello beautiful package!

All of my goodies.

I just got this baby today but I am hoping to do some test runs this weekend since I have another wonderful wedding.

If you are interested, let me know and I will send you an invitation from moi!


  1. this seems sort of amazing. i hate makeup but think i need to love it more than i do. definitely going to consider this.

  2. Hmmm... I think I'm sold. Who doesn't love a gift of their own ordering in the mail?! Looks fantastic, thanks! xo

  3. Um YES! I love this!! Send me one puhleassssssse!!! =D

  4. Love the post Rebecca I will admit I buy a butt load of make-up and always want to try new stuff this is a good way to try a product without spending a lot of dough on it! Hook me up girl meyouandawiener@hotmail.com!

  5. Im not sure about this. I think they would just sit in my drawer with the rest of the stuff i dont use!

  6. Ooooo... I buy makeup and never use it, then I use up all my little samples, so this sounds kind of perfect for me. Send me an invite please!

  7. Send an invite my way.. there is nothing better than great mail :) xx

  8. This sounds really interesting! What do you think about it being a gift? I could fill it out for my girlfriend, whose birthday is the weekend, right? I'd love to see more about it.

  9. this looks like something i need to check out. thanks!