Show Them How Its Done

Picture via Destined to Design

So all us lovely bloggers thought Nate Day would be a success, but it sounds like it was a huge let down. (Poor Nicole over at Sketch42 went and said it was beyond awful and she only walked a few blocks.) Granted his show has been somewhat the same. Stick to what you know Nate, and do an interior design show, not a daytime talk show. That is why we are watching.

I was torturing myself about why hadn't I gotten up and just put down my stash of cash and flown across the country to go be a part of this. It now looks like the only thing I missed out on was meeting all of the other wonderful bloggers out there.

I am thinking maybe HGTV could rectify this situation?

They seem to be interested in turning their attention towards the future and are aware that bloggers are a huge part of that.

So, if you are listening, its your move HGTV.


  1. Oh and I was hoping it would be a huge success so I could hear all of the details...though I could not be there! I always say do what you do best!

    I have a Giveaway by the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  2. That's too bad about Nate Day. I was wondering how it was going to turn out. On a positive note, that image above is divine!

    xx Amanda

  3. I have been tivo-ing the Nate show to watch in bed at night and have been so underwhelmed... Too bad, it could be so fab. When does this blogger episode air?

  4. Hey- Dont know when it airs, but you guys didnt miss much. Bummer.

  5. Yeah I agree... the show has been a bit of a letdown. I was expecting way more design and less let's try to be the next Oprah! I still love him, but I am hoping that this is just the beginning slump.

  6. super excited that you posted on my blog, cause it led me to your blog, which is awesome.

  7. I love it, I hope HGTV steps up big time.

    Nate is adorable and talents and not Oprah. Something he seems to have forgotten.

    The greenroom before the show was the best part. I wish we all could have fit in one, but were were separated. Our room did an impromptu shot out circle to introduce ourselves.