Star Crown DIY

So do you remember this post from a few days ago?

Well, I decided that maybe I would try and make a crown of stars for myself.

All you need:

Gray  - or any color - felt
Fabric Glue

1.  Start by cutting out your stars - I initially started out by tracing stars onto the felt, but I felt when I freehanded cutting them out I preferred the way they looked a little more.  Each a little unique.

2. Use fabric glue spread onto the top of your starts to adhere the glitter.

3. Shake off glitter and let dry.

4. Cut enough ribbon to tie around your head, leaving room for the bow.  Attach as many stars as you want on your crown using the fabric glue.  I preferred my stars touching each other.

5.  Wear and enjoy!

Pictures via Rebecca June

Send me pictures if you make your own!

I would love to see your creations.

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