The Embellished House

When I was in Scottsdale, one of the places I knew I wanted to visit was The Embellished House. My mom had been and knew I would want to see it in person too.

She was right.

Reclaimed wonders.

Reworked pieces.

Embellished beauties.

One of my favorite pieces was this old post office mailbox that they were using as a wine rack.

I died. Love.

However, it is called 'Embellished House' for a reason.

They take regular pieces and make the extra-ordianry.

One guy who wanted to come home with me was this embellished pig doorstop. Sadly, an iron doorstop is not the easiest item to travel back home with. Sadly, he stayed in Scottsdale.

Want to see everything for yourself?

Go here.

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