Remember when I introduced you to this website?

Well there were many items that I could not stop thinking about, so I finally decided I would try my hand at re-creating one of the beautiful pieces. I thought starting small, I would go for a bracelet.

At $610, this baby better be amazing, but I figure for under $10 it would be worth attempting to make.
Picture via Les Gazelles

All you need:

* Pearls

* Natural leather cord

* Scissors

* Your bare hands

Basically I made this bracelet with trial and error.

1. I doubled (to create the loop for the clasp) an extra long piece of the leather cording (so I could allow for room to make the knots).

2. Made knots and slid pearls onto the cording at my desired locations.

3. Knotted the pearls onto the ends at the desired length so they could act as the fasteners.


Bottom two pictures via Rebecca June

Pretty close for a fraction of the price!

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