Tune In Tuesday - Revenge

So with the new fall lineup my DVR has been kicked into overdrive.

Is it sane for a household of two people that have three tvs to also require three dvrs? I am almost ready to take the plunge for number three.

Anyways, I have been totally seduced by my newest tv addiction, Revenge.

A very wealthy girl - Emily Thorne - has moved back to her childhood home in the Hamptons to seek revenge against those who put her father in prison.

I am greatly simplifying this.

Basically her dad was the scapegoat for a huge money laundering scheme that was supposedly feeding into a terrorist organization that killed numerous people. Now that Emily Thorne, or Amanda as she was born (I know, watch and it makes sense), is back and she is taking each person who played a role in ruining her fathers life down. She is not just taking them down, she is out to ruin their lives as they did her fathers - he died in jail - and enjoying every moment of it.

Im telling you. Find the past episodes, watch, and get sucked in.

Your Welcome.

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