The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor

This past weekend I went to the MOCA at the PDC and was thrilled to view the collections of Elizabeth Taylor with the two other stylish women in my life: my mom and my aunt.

Since Christies was auctioning the jewels, clothing, and other momentos of Elizabeth Taylors, they decided to put them on tour for the public, and possibly bidders, to view before auctioning them off. Luckily, we got tickets.

You never know how crowded or how chaotic these things could be. Especially with someone as iconic as Elizabeth Taylor.

She was stunning.

At the top of the stairs was this beautiful silver Andy Warhol, not for sale, but on loan to the exhibit.

This however is for sale.

A wonderful handwritten note to Liz from Andy.

"To Elizabeth - a big kiss - Andy Warhol"

Now what we were most surprised to see was all the clothing. Nothing was behind cases. They were just on mannequins in the space. It was similar to walking through Saks. You could reach out touch the clothes...although we were asked not to.

These Versace jackets were spectacular in person. While they are not my style, the beading was beyond anything that you can imagine.

These beautiful coral, amethyst and diamond bracelets were stunning and are estimated to sell for $70 - 100k.

The Mike Todd antique diamond tiara - est. sale: $60-80k

The Windsor Brooch - est. sale $400-600k
This was bought by Elizabeth Taylor at auction for sentimental reasons as she said she often admired it when Wallis Simpson wore it.

No for the real deal. The reason the three of us went.

The Krupp Diamond

33.19 carats of beauty.

There were also her lilac bound scripts...

and her three Academy Awards.
(These are also not for sale)

All Pictures via Rebecca June

All in all, it was a fun filled amazing evening and totally worth checking out.

Check out the tour schedule here before all these babies get auctioned off!

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