Whirlwind Weekend

I barely remember my weekend, but from what I heard it was good.

Never, never have I camped out for anything. I like my bed to much.
However, Lanvin for H&M was the first thing to ever make me want to stand out in the dark and rainy early morning to get the chance to buy something that I wasn't just going to put up on eBay like everyone else.

With my dear friend I camped out at South Coast Plaza for 4 hours and ended up with the skirt below and a necklace (that was actually a belt) that I will keep and happily wear.

I cannot even tell you how frustrating it was to watch the girls AND boys in front of me walk out with bags and bags of dresses that you know they are just going to head home and photograph to make a quick buck. I could have slapped a few people.

I was quite impressed with the H&M staff though. In between each small group that was allowed in the Lanvin area to shop they cleared the group out and then I swear the entire staff came in and put the whole place back together.
Jewelry back in boxes. Clothes back on racks. Shoes in shoe boxes.
It made for a wonderful experience after sitting in a luxury shopping mall for hours.

The craziest part?

After being up for 8 hours I was off to the first of two baby showers this weekend.

Flowers and cupcakes ruled both my Saturday and Sunday.

It is so wonderful that so many friends are having babies, but I am definitely in a sugar coma from champagne and frosting.

At least this week is short and I can look forward to another few days in a food induced coma with more friends and family.

Happy Monday!


  1. I had dinner with a girlfriend last night - she went at 4 am here in LA! Me, I like my bed too much :)

  2. LOVE the skirt! Enjoy it... and enjoy the champagne while you still can!

  3. I got the skirt too..in black..and a few other pieces...standing in line in the rain resulted in a cold for turkey day, but oh well!