Hard Hat Required

This weekend seemed like one BIG, never ending project.

1. Adding shelving in laundry room - This proved to be very time consuming purely because our drill decided it did not want to hold a charge. I tried to keep my cool, but I became infuriated. This should have been the quickest project of the weekend. It wasn't.

2. Storage - Well, I have always been a bit of a 'keeper.' "I may use this someday." "I might need this in the future." "This is such a good deal..." These phrases often pass through my lips and now that I am years into being an interior designer my addiction and our lack of storage space has caught up with me. Luckily my husband does not think I have gone too far but we finally got a storage unit to clear up some space in our closets at home. This meant boxing everything up, loading our truck, and dragging everything somewhere else.

The above led to...

3. Organizing the Hall closet- the Hall closet was full of wrapping paper and gift bags (I also have a paper problem) I guess that is what occurs when your job in general is too make things look nice. This also meant deciding which pillows needed to stay close and which pillows could leave. I know you all feel my pain.


4. My Husbands Closet - no we are not fancy and have 2 luxurious closets in our Master bedroom, I am bratty and took the Master closet for myself. Well, pretty early on my hubs realized there is no way his stuff would fit and he gave up. Anyways, this meant a late night trip to Ikea (the only time to go) and an entire closet being strewn out in our den. It is finally back together after the Ikea trip, a Target trip and about 3 trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond. At least at B,B&B I bonded with the cashier out of our hatred for people.

We still never got to organizing our 'garage.' So I currently have a mountain bike in my dining room.

I already need it to be Friday again.


  1. i love that you claimed the master closet. i think its a fair trade for the garage :)

    at least i keep telling my boyfriend that. haha.

    have a lovely week!
    xo, lindsey


  2. I claimed the master closet too! Best thing I've ever done for myself. Boyfriend has the guest closet, can't say hes happy about it though. I told him, I'd switch and take the guest closet if I could transform the whole guest bedroom into my closet... no go.

  3. oh boy... weekends that mean.... i need 3 more days of the weekend to make it complete. story of my life! I completely relate. 1 project leads to another. Are we ever completely satisfied?

  4. I hear ya hun... weekends are way to short now that I actually work;)