Back to my Roots

I am more than likely going to do this to my hair very soon.

I like the idea of using this as a transition from blonde to brunette...again.

The problem for having an amazingly talented hairdresser as your best friend, is that sudden whims and desires can happen.

"I'm bored maybe I should cut bangs."
"I'm bored let's chop all of my hair off to my chin."

Luckily I do not think this will be as extreme, but I guess we will see what happens.


  1. I am notorious for changing my hair, drastically I might add, on a whim. It has been blonde and straight long bob for awhile now, mostly because I had a big disaster about a year ago and am finally back to a normal state. That and my husband likes it how it is and threatens to leave me if I change it again, I'm only kidding about the leaving part, but he just doesn't get the constant need for change!

  2. No one annoys me more than lauren conrad.

    But as to the hair thing.. I have curly brown hair. its been the same since I was born. Can never do anything to it, cause its too curly. BORING.

    Count ur blessings straight haired people.

  3. i literally cut 4 inches off of a pony tail off my head a few years ago. worst idea ever. bobs are not cute on me. that being said, LCs hair is great in these pictures. i say doooooit.

  4. LC's hair is gorgeous. Please show us when you have a go x

  5. very good hair inspiration. i think her color always looks great. :)

  6. I know what you mean!! My mom does my hair so I literally have a new style every few months. Kind of out of control.