I Am A Work of Art

Look at the new lovely I added to my dining room library.

Look closer.

Yes. This is my husband, myself and our friends Mike and Kelly Walsh from my BFF's wedding in September. We did some of those photo booth snapshots and I love them. I never know what to do with all of those random little pictures though.

Well, I got the opportunity from Easy Canvas Prints to make one into an 8x10 photo on canvas.


All Pictures via Rebecca June

I was trying to decide on what picture to use thinking that it needed to be something nice or meaningful and then when I saw that their website not only allows you to link up to facebook but then will also tell you the quality of the photo you uploaded I was excited to see if any of our photo booth shots would make it.

I picked this one because this is me. I always have my mouth hanging open. I cannot help it. SO unattractive, but it is my forte.

Some of the best parts about using Easy Canvas Prints to put your photos on canvas were:

You were able to choose between color, sepia and black an white - I obviously went with black and white.

They gave you options on the thickness of your canvas - I chose the standard depth because I was leaning it on my shelf.

You got to choose how the edge was finished off and they they did a 3D rendering to show you your options - I kept the edges simple with just a clean white border.

It was really wonderful. You can try it too. If you "LIKE" Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook your first order is 50% off and gets free shipping. With the holidays coming up it would be a wonderful gift for a friend or family member.

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