Pretty as a Peacock

Not to long ago my hubby and I went on a weekend getaway down to San Diego. Neither of us had been in a few years and it was a gorgeous weekend. While we were there, we decided there was no better way to relax than a little field trip to the zoo. I probably had not been to the zoo for at least a decade. So you can imagine how awestruck I was when I saw this beauty up close.

Pictures by Rebecca June

All I could think about was how gorgeous this peacock was and it just solidified why the best color combinations come from nature.

I had seen this room a little while back but I had never forgotten it. The peacock reminded me of it and I think the color scheme is what made it.

Picture via House Beautiful


  1. Those gloss walls are uber cool and very brave of the owner! Have a fab weekend! Will

  2. I love that room. I completely agree that nature can be so inspiring when it comes to decorating.

  3. LOVE that room too!! I've had it in my inspiration folder for a while now!!! ;)

  4. Ive always loved that room. BTW, I go to the zoo once a week! (but i have a kid.)

  5. Are you going to be joining in on the blogger tag sale?

    I know you must have crap in your closets;)


  6. Beautiful, beautiful bird. There's nothing like inspiration from nature.