From Cabo to Closets

My week in Cabo at the BEYOND amazing at the Cabo Azul resort (pictures to come) and was just what I needed. As much as I love my computer and my blackberry, I have to say it was nice to be without them for a few days.

Well, I had to get right back into the swing of things here because I had finally decided to get my closet painted. You would not think this would be very exciting but it is! When we bought our condo, we painted everything but the closets. Why spend the money? The paint was neutral enough and who is going to see it? Well, BIG mistake.

I have the Master Closet to myself (thanks hubby) and it had built-in shelves already installed. When the builder painted everything they painted the shelves and even the rods all in a flat paint. Why would that be bad? Well, it is impossible to clean! The only way to dust is with a feather duster! A paper towel and some endust are like nails on chalkboard and it drives me crazy! Not to mention the hangers mark up the rods and leave black streaks on them that also drive me nuts because it just look filthy.

So we are getting everything painted in a lovely semi-gloss white and the walls will go gray. Why not? I am thinking I might even changes the ghastly flush mount and put a chandelier in my humble closet. I have always loved a good closet.

Not to mention having to take everything out of the closet will force me to tame the chaos!

My accessories are Out of Control!

My shoe shelves that I will love when they are shiny and white!


  1. yeah for gray. all your things will look great against that neutral color. and DO the chandelier. you'll love it...

  2. definitely do the chandelier! i stayed at cabo azul last year. the MOST GORGEOUS hotel ive ever been to.

  3. Paint the walls a color. I am dying to do this, but I already installed the cabinets in there and everything. I feel like its too much work.

    I would love to wallpaper my hall closet in something whimsical, and Cookie's closet in pink and white stripes.

  4. I saw your sweet little girl last week. She is precious and wanted so desperately to hop into my lap but since I was sitting in a chair her (mean) caretaker strongly discouraged her from doing so. ;) So glad your vacation was wonderful. xoxo

  5. such a treat! I didn't paint my closets either, ours is still the horrible dirty greenish mustard that our room was, and every morning I walk in there and cringe.. hope you'll post the after :)

  6. I cant wait to see the end result!! I love your accessory stand it reminds me of the on in Lonny magazine.

  7. You have really inspired me!! Plus I really need to edit out my crazy closet!!

    I hope you will join my designer Giveaway from Pillow Mint!

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