Bedtime in the White House

So I think that everyone was excited when we heard that Michelle Obama picked Michael Smith to help re-design the White House. Well, my Hickory Chair rep. came to my office today to update some items in our catalogue and fabrics, and while there he divulged this wonderful piece of gossip! Michael Smith has ordered all the beds for the White House from them! He shared what the new First Family will be sleeping on for the next four years.

The Chelsea Bed in size Queen.

We are guessing that this bed will probably be in the Guest Room for the Grandparents when they come to visit Malia and Sasha.
Two Soho Beds in size Queen.

I am guessing that both Malia and Sasha will be sleeping in style in their new fully upholstered beds. I have done this bed for a client before and really the picture does not do it justice!

The Candler Bed in size King.

The new President and his wife will be sleeping in this beautiful new style that was designed by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair. I am currently suggesting this bed to a client for her guest room. I think whatever is good enough for the President is probably good enough for her guests!

The real question at this point is what beautiful fabrics did Michael Smith put on all of these upholstered beds? Hopefully we will soon find out!

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  1. how pretty!! Especially in that last image--the bed is just lovely..I want one!