A Bright Idea

I think everyone has had the awful experience of walking into a new clients home or a perspective home for yourself and knowing the first thing you would have to do is change out the awful light fixtures that are already residing in the home.  The problem is that you can almost always find a gorgeous chandelier, but what about sconces that don't belong in a bathroom or any flush mount.  That is where Circa Lighting comes in.  They offer a wide range of beautiful and interesting lighting.  They even have amazing flush mounts!  Rarely can you describe a flush mount as anything but ugly.  If you do not believe me, see below for yourself...

Abbot Single Arm Sconce

Ginger Single Arm Sconce

Retro Three Light Wall Sconce

Ida Wall Sconce

Serge Single Sconce

Basil Flush Mount

Frank Flush Mount

Star Flush Mount

Soleil Semi-Flush Pendant

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  1. I am saving up for several of the Frank flush mounts for my bathroom and the base of my stairwell. LOVE IT. Check this one out, too... I have a pair over the bar in my kitchen: http://circalighting.com/details.aspx?pid=1160&cid=