Tune in Tuesday - Big Rich Texas

First of all, I am sorry for the lack of post in OVER A WEEK! I had a crazy week of installing a 7,000 square foot house for work and then had a crazy bridal shower and bachelorette party on both sides of that! ACK. I barely slept.

When I had a moment where I was not working or partying though I made sure to catch
Big Rich Texas.

Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking. A rip-off of the Bravo Housewives mega hits.

Is it just me though or was the NYC reunion almost too much. It is getting to the point where those shows are almost becoming to intense and stressful to watch.

Big Rich Texas however is ridiculous and full of fluff that makes you feel better about your life after watching it. I mean, episode 1 or 2 involves a mother bribing her child with lip enhancement injections in exchange to have a tattoo of the "C word" removed from her foot.
(FYI - it wasn't tiny either)

Also, if you happened to catch the one season of Dallas Divas and Daughters, you will recognize one set of cast members. Pam and Hannah are back. Apparently, Pam has only appeared to get more rigid meanwhile her daughter is returning from her first year of college and she might be a even brattier than before.

If you have an extra space on your DVR, I think it is worth a shot. Find it on the Style network.

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