Organize Me

So no matter how much I try, I am a very tangible girl.

I like to write down notes and cross them off.

I also LOVE paper. My mom always told me if our house were to catch fire, my room would go up first and fast with all of the scraps of paper I kept for 'future projects.'

So, I have a wonderful blackberry that I love and would die without, but I think it is time for me to go back to the good old pen and paper.

Here are my options:

Always pretty, always fun, but I think this one might be a more of 'stays at home on the desk' type. I need mine to travel. However, for $20, I may need it anyway.

A wonderful and dear friend got this for me after I got engaged. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was. However, I do not need to carry this around in my purse everyday either. My purse already weighs 50+ lbs. I love, and if I see it first, i amy have to get it again. Not to shabby either $40 for beautiful, yummy gold leather.

This might be the winner. It is sadly, sold out online, so of course to the scary mall I will go hoping to find one item. That is never good. The nice thing is the smaller size is only $25. My husband should love that.


  1. I love my blackberry but I also love to make lists and check them off and a clean sheet of paper and a sharpie pen! Nothing will ever replace the pleasure of writing on paper - gorgeous notebooks!
    -elizabeth (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  2. If you like color and fun, Lilly Pulitzer makes both a desk top and small handbag size. It has a tab for 'reasons for a party'. How fabulous it that?

    I don't know how to make a link but here the address - http://www.preppyprincess.com/lillypulitzerpocketagendabook.aspx

  3. I use a moleskin planner and I love it. I need everything written in front of me. Love these options