A Fabulous Holiday

Even though I want my cupboards stacked with gorgeous dishes and my drawers filled with fabulous flatware, I am not the hostess with the mostest.

I want to be, but I get so stressed out, not to mention my absolute lack of cooking abilities.
(I made brownies form a box once. They did not turn out right...at all.)

However, these pictures are giving me the desire to throw a little soirée at my place this holiday season.

Pictures via Everything Fabulous


  1. these are gorgeous! i wish my stockings looked like those! ive realized in order to host, and not be a stressed out freak, i have to prepare all day long, then once people get there im calm, enough.

  2. LOVE this holiday decor! And thanks for the shout out yesterday!

  3. You can have a wine and cheese cocktail party! No cooking required.