Rain, Rain Go Away

Don't get em wrong, I enjoy a bit of rain and the feel of actually having seasons, but living in Southern California has really spoiled me. I am over this constant pouring rain.

I decided I need a bit of a BRIGHT pick-me up.

Picture via Captivate Me

Picture via I Suwannee

Kate Spade

Last TWO Pictures via Lonny


  1. i hear ya! Im dying in this rain!

  2. I love the rain, but I am ready for it to settle down. Not to mention, before it was raining it was 86 degrees! CHOOSE!


    Rebecca June

  3. Same.... for a few days the rain was kind of nice... but running errands, life, work, its getting a little dreary. Usually when it rains here its for like 10 minutes.... I kind of miss the sunshine :( thanks for the happy pics!