Rashida Jones and I should be friends.

Besides the fact that Rashida Jones is funny, pretty, and knows John Krasinski (Jim from the Office), she obviously has great style.  So with all of those in mind, I realized that we need to be friends.  When we do become BFFs, maybe I will get to spend some fun girl time in her very girly and serene little NYC Studio.  A girl can dream, can't she?

(this is what I miss most about Domino)
I love that the bed doubles as seating for when she wants to have a large gathering.

So feminine and yet still very functional.

I absolutely adore the pop of BLACK via the Pantone Chairs.  Every space needs a little black.

Plenty of storage

All pictures via Domino

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  1. I miss Domino! I loved this apartment when it came out in the magazine and that was way before I knew who Rashida Jones was. It is so pretty and I absolutely adore that sofa. Where do you get all of your fabulous eye candy?