Feed Me.

You can now buy this wonderfully chic and charitable FEED bag via Bergdorf Goodman. I recently met with a rep and she was carrying this bag, and I was so surprised at how effortlessly chic it looked. Even better, for every bag you buy you actually FEED 2 children in Kenya for a whole year. An impressive amount of help for only $195. Buy here to help.


  1. very cool bag and that is awesome how you can help with just buying the bag.

    btw, regarding your question... we tend to buy our doggie clothes wherever we find them but our favorite brand so far is kwigy-bo. http://www.kwigy-bo.com

    We got the blazer from Gymboree and it's a baby's size 6-12 months but my mother in law had to shorten the sleeves for him. we are crazy for dressing up our dogs, but we love it! haha

  2. That is just amazing, to feed them for a whole year, wow.