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I stumbled across the blog Sea of Shoes awhile back and sat at my computer for hours going through Jane Aldridges, the 17 year old style bloggers archive. Then from there, I went to her mother Jane Aldridges blog, Atlantis Home, and did the same. How did so much style land in one family?

Recently I saw a few photos of Judys home on her blog and I thought I had to do an interview and find out how her fashion style and interior design style co-mingled.

The beautiful and at one time model, Judy Aldridge.

RJ: Do you think that your personal fashion style and the manner in which you decorate your home are similar or different? If so, how?

JA: Very Different. The way I dress or at least what I purchase is quite over the top -- huge necklaces, puffy shoulders, studs, embellishments of any kind, insanely high heels--all types of things that are impractical. I think in my home decor I like things much simpler, and practical. In part because I have three dogs and children, but this is what I like too.

RJ: Do you tend to accessorize your home as you would accessorize yourself?

JA: I think I always have too many accessories be it my home or wardrobe--my goal this year is not to buy as much!

RJ: You spoke in your blog about how you considered moving but love your old home. Do you believe this stems from your love of vintage in general?

JA: Well, the house that we had chosen to purchase was actually older than the house we live in now. I don't care much for new homes, and yes, that comes from my love of vintage. I believe everything should have a second, third, or infinite amount of lives!!!

RJ: If you could change anything about your current home, what would it be?

JA: More storage, PLEASE!!!

RJ: What is your favorite piece of furniture that you have in your home and how did you acquire it?

JA: I love my daybed in my living room. I purchased it form my favorite consignment store in Dallas. It's huge, and very well made. Two people can lay on it at the same time--so it's great for movies.

I had to include a picture of Judy's shoe collection or else it really would not be a complete story about her home!

Thank you again Judy for your time and thoughtful answers!

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