Casa de Coto

So I have been working with my most difficult client for months now.
My mother.

Just kidding! She has been a dream! I finally convinced her to paint her walls, change her carpet, and paper the powder room.

It was worth every penny.

Don't you love those glossy black banisters? I do. I think they look like piano keys.

You can see the difference from HERE to the photo below.

The powder room has become a jewel box.

Ralph Lauren makes beautiful wallpaper. This is Ashfield Floral in color Gunmetal.

Harry loves the new house. He goes perfectly with the new color scheme.

By the way, Dorothy Mantooth and Harry Winston are best friends.

I think they will continue to be VERY happy in the new space.


  1. yes. love the black handrails. I did the same thing. and the wallpaper is awesome...

  2. Love it! I tried to work with my parents once, but I fired them as my clients. No joke.