Design on a Dime

I know that we all can get sucked into HGTV design shows.  However, most of the time all I think about is that the budget is not really the budget due to the FREE labor.  You can do a lot for $1000 when you have a skilled craftsman working the power saw for you for free!  So you can imagine my shock when I saw this article that was linked from I SUWANNEE to the LA Times featuring Kristan Cunningham of HGTV's Design on a Dime.  She is currently living in a rental and needed to fix it up to her taste without investing a lot in it.  Something that we can all relate to. I was shocked to see the gorgeous creation that she calls home and the TINY budget that was used.  Read more here.

I adore the colors of the cabinets.

A pile of wood...my new favorite accessory.

I have a smaller version of this West Elm rug in my kitchen and I just love it.

The lamp on the Master Bath counter felt so lavish to me!  I cannot believe I had not thought of it before!


  1. That house looks expensive!

  2. lamps in bathrooms are my fave. thanks for the bridesmaid dress link. They looked so cute. It made me feel much better!!!

  3. WoW!
    I love it.
    I just found your blog.
    Loving it.