Windsor is a Winner

It does not seem to matter what Windsor Smith does, but she always does it well.

I actually had the opportunity to hear Windsor Smith speak not too long ago and she explained how her line with Kravet came about. Apparently, she was in Kravet at the PDC trying to do a custom rug for a client and one of the owners 'happened' to be at the showroom and loved her design. Kravet offered her the opportunity to try out a brand new rug manufacturer for a great discount and she loved it and they loved her and next thing you know, BAM, she has her own line. Some people just have all of the luck! No matter how it happened though, Windsor Smith definitely knows what she is doing!


  1. I love that first WIndsor Smith picture - pink and gold...

  2. She is definitely a talented interior designer! It's all about who you know, right? (and being at the right place at the right time helps too!).

  3. definitely talented and creative. She has such an innate ability to add a touch of calm to every room she designs. Great post!!