I am Back Home...sort of.

So Hawaii was wonderful, however returning home has not been. Our neighbors had a leak that went into our laundry room and was so bad the laundry room ended up needing to be completely demolished. This means they removed everything. My washer, dryer and water heater. Why is this so awful? No water for showers! All I ever want to do when I come home is clean, wash everything I own and sleep in my own bed. Without water, these tasks are slightly difficult. So my husband and I have been on the move trying to balance getting clean at friends and families homes and getting what we need done at our own house. I am hoping my laundry room will be finished this week and I will finally get to return home!


  1. Oh no!!! I have friends who came home from their honeymoon in Tahiti to find that their entire condo had flooded. They had to get rid of ALL their living room furniture and get the floors redone!

    Hope it all turns out ok in the end!

  2. Oh that is just awful, you poor thing. Hey that photo is a classic though! Best of luck with the fix-up job!