Who Loves Me?


So I know I already posted about this Tory Burch jacket.

I still love it.

Unfortunately, I have now tried it on and my desire has deepened.

Picture via Tory Burch

While killing a little time in Neiman Marcus the other day, I spotted it on the sale rack.

I then tricked myself into the game of "If you put it on you might hate it and never think about it again."


I slipped the size 8 on my monkey armed body and fell in love. Even worse, somebody else told me they loved me in it.

See the guy carrying the orange jacket in the background?

Picture via Rebecca June

Well, right after I took this picture he walked by while talking to another sales associate and said, "Who makes your jacket? It is stunning and I love it."

The sales girl he was with then proceeded to inform him that they carried it and it was Tory Burch.


I sadly put it back on the rack only to stroke it every time I walked by it.

So, the real question is, "Who loves me enough to buy it for me?"

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