Dreaming of White Sofas

So I have tried to fight it, but I cannot help my LOVE for a crisp, white sofa.

I do not know why people are so scared of white furniture. Bleach solves everything!

I had fought getting a white sofa when my husband and I bought our new home and he said he did not want one at all. So I went with a color called 'dove.' It never looked right to me. I forged ahead and kept plugging along, but I never liked any of the fabric swatches for pillows I brought home. Then I realized why...I needed my white sofa!

Finally, I was lucky enough to help a wonderful friend and in exchange she made me a tight, white slipcover with baseball stitching. UH-mazing. All is right with my little world now.

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  1. I love a white slipcovered sofa... I too was so so so scared of getting one for my apt because I have a baby. So I went with a charcoal velvet. Let me tell you one thing: LINT!! You can see every single spec of lint! It needs to be vacuumed twice a day.

    Im thinking about getting a white slipcover made for the spring/summer season. Is that crazy?

  2. Get one!

    I love mine. Our puppy lays on the sofa everyday but one quick wash with some bleach and it is crisp and brand new again!


    Rebecca June

  3. White adds such a crisp element to any room. We love it.

  4. Oh I have a white sofa and white chair and a half...love them. So easy to clean!

  5. so far i've read 2 posts & i already know i'm meant to read your blog. shoe obsession - heck yes. i like pictures of shoes just about as much as shoes themselves.

    white sofas - GORGEOUS! but like the rest of the world i could never talk myself into getting one. i would live in anxious fear that i was going to ruin it up & i can just see myself telling all my guests: "would you mind eating in that in the kitchen instead?" "would you mind to sit on this other {far less white} couch?" "you're pants look a little dingy, maybe you should change into these and then sit on the sofa?"

    have a great day-

  6. omg how I would LOVE a white sofa! but really, my dogs are too big and messy. i would literally have to wash it everyday.. the dogs like to sneak onto the sofa and sleep there at night after they have played in the dirt all day :0/ .. so unfortunately tan microsuede it is lol. Maybe I could go gray one day--mix it up a bit ;)

  7. I love white! I just keep a white blanket loosely over my white couch... solves it from getting too dirty and I can wash the blanket in no time!