Red Carpet Rooms 12.2.09

Becki Newton has to have the the most fun every day of her life. She gets to dress up in fabulous clothes and pretend to be an UBER-bitch on Ugly Betty and then she goes out at night in even MORE fabulous clothes to parties in Hollywood. Must be nice.

Classic with a POP.

Picture via Domino

Chic and modern.

Vincente Wolf

Out for the evening in black and gold.

Picture via This is Glamorous


  1. ok, I know I have said this before, but I am OBSESSED with these posts! i love when you do the fashion and how it correlates to a room. Awesome!

  2. Haha, me too!!! I cant believe how well you nail the outfit to room... Better than Domino! Do you find the rooms first or the outfits?

    Btw, at first glance I thought that was Hilary Duff...

  3. I am SOOO happy that everyone likes it! I especially appreciate you even thinking I am better than Domino! No way.

    I actually just look for images of the actress that I feel like I have seen a lot recently and then pull from my file of inspiration images that I have saved.


    Rebecca June

  4. Oh that second combination is absolute perfection!!