Red Carpet Rooms 12.30.09

Blake Lively is on a hit TV show, Gossip Girl for those of you living under a rock, and she always seems to be a hit on the red carpet.

Bright and Neutral

Picture via Semigloss Chic

Tailored in Black and White

Picture via Dress Design Decor

Classic and Shine


  1. I really love this... But she is the most annoying person to watch on tv. UCH... that marble mouth.

  2. you are excellent at matching fashion to room decor. i am amazed every time!

  3. such a fun post... wishing you a wonderful new year... x pam

  4. I have a confession...I don't even watch Gossip Girl. it is a shock to most of my friends, but I already felt as though I had so many programs I was trying to keep up with, that this one fell through the cracks. Not to mention that I feel like I have seen every inch of Blake Lively with some of the outfits she wears on the red carpet!


    Rebecca June